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Gina Kirschenheiter Calls Shannon Beador A Bully (Again)

If it were up to Shannon Beador, Real Housewives of Orange County would solely focus on her, Kelly Dodd, Tamra Judge, and Vicki Gunvalson. She’s not here for the new girls, Gina Kirschenheiter and Emily Simpson.

Sure they’ve brought her into some drama, but haven’t her best friends in this cast done way worse to her? Shannon wants nothing to do with Emily and Gina, citing her busy schedule as her top reason. Aren’t they all busy? They’re all mothers. They’re all cast members on the same show. They all have their side businesses and endorsement deals. Being busy with an interesting life is essentially a requirement to become a Real Housewife, isn’t it?

Gina unleashed on Shannon in a Bravo blog post. She asserted, “Shannon has never really gone out of her way to be friendly to me. As a friend of Tamra’s being introduced to her, you would think that would be enough for her to at least try and get to know me. I get that she’s busy, but we all are. And I am not asking for a lot.” Shannon contractually obligated to have some sort of interaction with her costars, isn’t she?

 Gina Kirschenheiter Calls Shannon Beador A Bully And Talks About Perks Of Being A Real Housewife

Gina continued, “It would be nice if when I am literally in her home trying to engage in a conversation with her that she simply tries to engage back.” Why host people in your home if you don’t want anything to do with them? That’s a bad look for sure.

Gina suggested, “Ask me where my kids are. Ask me how my day is. Tell me you like my shirt and ask me where I got it. Literally anything! LOL” She even said, “I am pretty sure even the busiest of business moguls have the time to perform common courtesy, so her excuse is just totally bogus and offensive.” And again, socializing with these woman is literally her job. Could it get any easier than them being in her own home?

She wondered, “On what planet is it OK to continually ignore and intentionally not engage when a new friend is brought into a group and then the excuse is, ;I am too busy to try.; She has time to get Kelly special booze but no time to ask me how my f—ing day is?! Give me a break.” On the bright side, this gives Gina a solid storyline outside of her divorce.

Gina concluded, “Nicholas is in kindergarten, and they have a pretty clear name for that. That right there is a classic BULLY! Can you imagine being the new kid in class and being ignored and then told by the other kids they don’t have time to try and be nice to you?! At the end of the day, at least this experience has made me a better parent. I take the bully pledge VERY seriously in my house!” Is Shannon a bully or is she just lacking some social tact?

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Bravo’s summary of tonight’s episode: “When the OC ladies travel to Jamaica on a girls’ trip, the overwhelming heat gets to all of them. Emily and Gina confide in Tamra about Shannon’s standoffishness. Meanwhile, Shannon laughs it up in a salt scrub with Vicki and Kelly. Shannon gets distracted by her own news from home, while Gina shares an emotional moment with the ladies. After some fun and games on bamboo rafts and rope swings, tension erupts between Shannon and Tamra.”


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