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Gina Kirschenheiter Calls Shannon Beador a Bully And Talks About Perks Of Being A Real Housewife

Being the newbie on a reality show that has been around for many years, like The Real Housewives of Orange County has, is a tough role to step into, but Gina Kirschenheiter is finding her way. Even though this cast has been together for a long time, Gina is bonding with nearly all of her co-stars. Nearly all. In a new podcast interview, she dishes on her cast mates as well as her split from Matt.

She shared with the Daily Dish podcast a bit about her split from Matt. She says she doesn’t consider it a failure, just a marriage coming to an end. Gina is proud and thankful for the relationship they did have and is choosing to keep all the memories of the good years. She did admit that she is NOT excited at all for the dating part of this scenario. “That’s horrifying to me. It makes me so uncomfortable.” She then jokes about not being date-able since she drives a minivan and is afraid of boys. For now she’s just focused on her post-split relationship with Matt. They’re working on being better communicators and making this an amicable divorce.

She then moves on to talking about support and is so thankful that Vicki Gunvalson was so kind to her and even motherly when she came over to Gina‘s house for lunch and her kids were acting wild. “We had a major bonding moment. That was so real and organic and coming from her, she really is… the mom vibe is strong with her.  She’s very maternal. She does have a good heart for me.” She was so touched when Vicki called her a good mom and it made her feel good coming from a veteran mom. She did add later that Vicki was a tough egg to crack because “she didn’t like me at first.” Gina wouldn’t call her to go out to the bar together, but they do have a different type of bond.

On her other new co-stars: “Emily and I obviously had an immediate bond. She’s my girl, love her. We have that newbie thing. We had our whatever stupid stuff but we worked it out.”

On Tamra Judge: “Tamra from the beginning has always been supportive of me and cool to me.” She said that she and Tamra got even closer toward the end of the season and during the time off after filming. Gina said Tamra gives her a lot of pep talks and support and goes out of her way to help.

On Kelly Dodd: “We’ve been instantly connected because we’re just two goobers and we have fun together. She still texts me, she calls me up to laugh.”

And then there’s Shannon Beador. Things are not good between them. “I have zero relationship with Shannon. The last attempt I had with Shannon to connect with her, because I’m like, let me still try, let me still try. I called her, I texted her, I asked her to go to lunch. We made a date.  I texted her the night before to confirm, she texted me an hour before we were supposed to be there to tell me she couldn’t make it. And I had a babysitter, so I paid for a babysitter. And then that evening she went to dinner to The Quiet Woman with Kelly Dodd and put it all over social media!”

When asked “what do you think happened there?,” She replied, “I don’t care what happened. I don’t care at all.”

Things must’ve been edited a bit on the podcast because when Bravo transcribed it, there was additional wording about Shannon being a bully, but when you listen to the podcast, that part is gone now. Interesting… unless I just missed that part somewhere along the line. Bravo says that Gina remarked, “I think it’s pretty clear that she goes out of her way to not be gracious or kind to any of the new people that are ever in the series, and I think that’s deplorable and I think that she’s a bully.” But, like I said, that quote seems to be missing from the actual podcast as far as I hear.

On the perks of being a housewife, she says “it’s so great! You get so much free crap! It’s just fun.” She admits that it’s a gradual thing, but you can even start getting into restaurants easier and says it was exciting to get to meet Andy Cohen. Gina says it’s been risky and scary, but very fun. She doesn’t read anything on the internet about herself and only cares about her immediate circle and their support. She does hate when people say that reality stars “signed up for it” by putting their lives out there. She signed up to share her life, but not for people to crap all over her.

Take a listen to the podcast as she talks about the red party fight and more. There are also interviews with Stephanie Hollman and D’Andra Simmons, too!


Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo