Emily Simpson Thinks Tamra Judge Is Friends With Shannon Out Of Obligation; Says Shannon “Lacks Empathy & Compassion”

The Real Housewives of Orange County cast trip in Jamaica looks like it’s going to heat up next episode with Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador screaming at each other. The first episode was pretty boring. Nothing really happened, other than the Housewives growing tired of Shannon’s “me me me” antics.

Shannon refused to room with Emily Simpson and Gina Kirschenheiter– right in front of them. Her close friend Tamra Judge even admitted that she “feels sorry for” Shannon and that her husband thinks she enables Shannon in a conversation with Emily and Gina on the beach.

There’s no love lost between Emily and Shannon, something Emily made very evident in her latest Bravo blog post. Emily began, “The point of the trip to Jamaica was a ‘girls’ trip’ to celebrate friendship and Shannon’s success on QVC.” Was it really though? The cast goes on a production-funded trip every season.

Anyway, Emily made a good point: “I was introduced into this new group of friends, and when I meet friends of my friends, I make an effort to get to know them. I think as women, we can ALWAYS learn so much from other women and be inspired by our girlfriends and their accomplishments.”

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She continued, “I now can see that I try harder with Shannon than I ever have before, likely because Shannon has been more resistant and indifferent than other women I have come across. This resistance and indifference from Shannon toward Gina and me is disheartening and unnecessary.” It’s just really not a good look for Shannon. It’s hard to have sympathy for Shannon in one facet of her life and be so put off by her like of manners in another.

Then Emily really got shady. She wrote, “It doesn’t surprise me that Tamra says that she feels sorry for Shannon. I imagine that is the backbone of their relationship.” Shannon’s blood has to boiling right about now…

Emily shared, “From what I have experienced, this is not a healthy ‘friendship.’ Tamra made it clear to Gina and me on the beach in Jamaica that Shannon has not been a great friend to her. What other reason would she have for remaining friends with her unless she felt some level of obligation or sympathy for her?” Those are some fighting words right there.

Emily concluded, “It’s apparent to me that Shannon thrives on others feeling sorry for her, yet she lacks empathy and compassion towards others.” Damn.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]