Brandi Glanville Robbed While She & Her Sons Were Home

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum Brandi Glanville and her two sons just got through a very scary experience. Their home was robbed while they were all home in the middle of the day. Thankfully, the three of them are safe and sound, but it is so scary to think about this happening while they were in the middle of their normal everyday routine.

In an interview with Us Weekly, Brandi revealed, “I’m fine but just shaken up. This happened mid-day when the boys and I were home.” Brandi’s son Mason is 15 years old and her son Jake is 11.

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The reality TV star explained what happened, “We have an alarm, but it wasn’t set because we were there and I felt safe in my home because we have a security system and gates.”

Brandi shared, “scariest thing is thinking what could’ve happened if either myself or one of my boys walked in on them in the process of robbing us.” Thankfully that did not happen and hopefully they will be more cautious about setting that alarm from this point forward.

Brandi didn’t elaborate on what exactly happened or what was stolen. We’re just glad Brandi and her boys are okay.

[Photo Credit: Bravo]