Emily Simpson defends her marriage

Emily Simpson Says Shannon Beador “Deflects From Her Own Behavior By Bringing Up David And Her Divorce”

There’s no doubt that Shannon Beador is going through a lot with that nasty divorce from David Beador. Still, she is a Real Housewives of Orange County cast member and that does mean she has to interact with her fellow Housewives. Or at least she should.

It’s hard to have sympathy for Shannon when she refuses to acknowledge Gina Kirschenheiter and Emily Simpson’s existence. It’s just not a good look for her and it’s straight up rude. Shannon took things to another level during the last episode when she got into it with every single cast member.

Emily dished on Shannon’s antics in a Bravo blog post, writing, “First of all, I think it’s extremely rude when someone shows up at a dinner so late. I’ve dealt with this issue for most of my life, and it hits a nerve with me when someone is continuously late. It says, ‘my time is more important than yours.’ But Shannon  has her own time agenda. ” Plus it builds up the tension for the show and as frustrating as that is for everyone involved, it does deliver guaranteed controversy.

Emily continued, “Secondly, once Shannon and Vicki [Gunvalson] did arrive, I was shocked to see that Shannon was mocking our conversation and making rude comments under her breath about how boring the night was.” It seems like Shannon just talks about herself over and over again. She is the last person to rag on anyone for a lack of “riveting” conversation.

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Emily added, “I suppose learning of her home selling is more ‘riveting’ dinnertime conversation. Maybe she should always lead the dinner conversations since she has such ‘riveting’ things to discuss, but first she has to at least show up on time.”

Emily called out Shannon for her pattern of behavior: “I thought Shannon’s reaction to Tamra [Judge] bringing up the fact that she treats Gina and me poorly by not even acknowledging our existence was ridiculous. Her ‘time management’ excuse is lame, especially when we are all on vacation and none of the things on her ‘full plate’ are pressing matters right now. She’s not taking care of her children, going to court, or slinging microwaveable fish.” That dig about the “microwaveable fish” made me laugh out loud. Let’s hope Emily brings that sense of humor (and shade) to the Season 13 reunion taping.

Not only that, but she did make a valid point. Shannon was not involved with all the troubles on her “full plate” during that Jamaica trip. She couldn’t have a conversation with two out of the five companions on the trip. Seriously? She is paid to interact with these women, yet she refuses to. Isn’t that what being a Real Housewife is all about? Can’t she at least argue with Emily and Gina instead of straight up ignoring them? Give us something entertaining, Shannon.

Emily wrote, “Instead of just acknowledging that she doesn’t even give us the common courtesy of a ‘hello,’ or ‘how are you,’ she continues to dismiss anything anyone says to her, and she deflects from her own behavior by bringing up David and her divorce. Again, her behavior just demonstrates that she lacks any empathy or compassion for others.” The Season 13 reunion is bound to be a tough one for Shannon.


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