Heather Dubrow Says Her Family Was “So Mean” When She Joined Real Housewives… Until They Wanted Her To Promote Their Own Projects

Nowadays, there are a lot of women who would love to be a Real Housewife. Being on the show provides so many cool opportunities and obvious monetary gain. When Heather Dubrow joined Real Housewives of Orange County it was far from a fledgling series, but her family had a lot of hesitations about the move.

And that is putting it nicely. Heather actually said that her family was “so mean” to her about it…until they realized how they can piggyback off of her benefits.

During an episode of her Heather Dubrow’s World podcast, Heather shared, “Are you ready for this? When I joined Housewives, my family was so mean to me.” And then she went into detail.

Heather elaborated, “My family would have no part of it. I would say ‘Hey, you guys are all coming for Thanksgiving. Would you mind if we filmed?’ I remember my cousin’s ex-wife was like ‘Absolutely not. I don’t want my children on camera,’ which I can respect. It’s fine.”

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Her co-host asked, “They didn’t support any of it? Or they just didn’t support being on camera?” Heather admitted, “No one was very nice to me about it. I have to be honest.” She explained, “It was like ‘Our kids can’t be on camera and neither will we. Too bad.’ That was basically the takeaway.”

She continued, “So my cousins were like that. My sister same, wouldn’t do anything. My mother was downright mean about it. ‘How could you do this?’ She made me cry. I cried a lot because it was so hard to say yes to do it and then it’s so hard to do the show and have absolutely zero support system.”

Heather recalled the conversations she had with family members at the time, “If you don’t want to be a part of it, that’s your decision, but it’s sad for me because I’ll just look like I have no family and what can I do about it? But I don’t want to hear about it. I’m sorry it’s so disappointing to you. I’m sorry that everything in my life is so disappointing to you and you’re so horrified I’m doing this show.

I mean look, it wasn’t like I was doing porn.”

Heather confessed, “For me, it was very difficult. I cried a lot.” She added, “It was so hard.”

The family came around…. kind of. Heather began, “You know what was really messed up?” She shared, “More than one of them have come to me and said…. My mom was like ‘Can you put my art on your social media? Can you bring the cameras and come to the opening when I do my gallery opening for my art?'” Of course that happened.

Heather said, “Everyone is happy to ask for favors and by the way I do it. I won’t do something gratuitously, but if it makes sense I’m happy to talk about things. I just feel like it sucks. I don’t know why parents have to be that way.” She explained, “Our job as parents is to make our children independent and to hope that they are happy, lucky, and successful.”

Heather concluded, “It sucks when your parents don’t appreciate how happy you are and how successful you are. Isn’t that enough?” It really should be.


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]

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