90 Day Fiance Anfisa Nava Shares Her Plastic Surgery History And Reveals She And Jorge Will Not Be Returning Next Season

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Anfisa Nava has been keeping herself busy during husband Jorge’s incarceration.  The 90 Day Fiance star has been concentrating on her studies, staying committed to going to the gym, and keeping up with social media. Over the weekend, Anfisa recorded a vlog for her youtube channel recounting her plastic surgery experiences.

Anfisa says she never felt self conscious about her body until she was bullied by other girls in her middle school, specifically about the size and shape of her nose.  She only got “fixated on the idea that I wanted a nose job,” at the age of 16 when she needed medical advice due to breathing issues. Anfisa got a diagnosis of a deviated septum, but at the time didn’t pursue the surgery needed to fix it.

When she started university, she had a professor return from break with a fantastic and noticeably smaller nose. After speaking with her teacher and getting a consultation with the plastic surgeon she had used, Anfisa was finally inspired to get the surgery she wanted. She got that initial surgery in Russia in January of 2015, the same year she met her husband Jorge Nava.

It was Jorge that paid for her to get breast implants the next year in February of 2016.  Anfisa underwent the surgery and recovery process, and moved to America shortly thereafter.

Once in the plastic surgery mecca of the world, L.A., Anfisa wanted another nose job.  The result of her first one wasn’t drastic enough, so Anfisa wanted to get her nose redone and scheduled consultations with six different doctors. One advised her to get a chin implant to balance out the shape of her face, so she went for that adjustment instead.

The final cosmetic procedure was a second nose job that she underwent in October of 2017. Like the first one, once the swelling went down, Anfisa didn’t feel happy with the results. However, she stressed that getting another surgery is currently not in the works due to circumstances with her husband.

Anfisa has also noticeably changed in her figure. This is not the result of plastic surgery but time spent at the gym. Over the weekend, she posted a video to Instagram posing in workout clothes. One fan wrote, “oh wow your transition from first seeing you on 90days has been phenomenal…I hope they bring you and Jorge back next season.” Anfisa then confirms that her time on TLC is over by responding, “nope we are done.”


{Photo credit- TLC}