Shahs of Sunset Recap: It’s Almost MJ and Tommy’s Wedding Day, But They Need a Blessing First!

On tonight’s episode of Shahs of Sunset, we’re getting closer to the wedding of Mercedes “MJ” Javid and Tommy Feight, but first, they need some time with their therapist.

MJ talks about her mom, who is becoming much more nurturing since her father’s death, but MJ doesn’t know how to handle it. Tommy also explains to the therapist how MJ has gone so far on the other side of not wanting to be a bridezilla that she hasn’t stuck up herself about the fact that she doesn’t like her dress. MJ also explains that it hurts that she hasn’t received a blessing from her mother for getting married to Tommy. The therapist wants her to ask her mom directly about the blessing.

Destiney Rose and Reza Farahan meet with Monique, a private investigator, to go over what she has learned about Destiney’s quest to find her dad. Last week, we thought that they found one of Destiney’s uncles, but it wasn’t her uncle.  Monique also tells her that her father is not in the United States. Destiney is clearly upset: “To all the guys who have other wives and families, you suck.” She doesn’t understand how you can have a family and not want to keep in contact with them. Reza tells her that not every guy is like her dad. She says that she’s become her dad, leaving relationships. Reza points out that she’s not happy doing that and that she needs to open up. She thanks Reza and says she can’t do this without him. He says he loves her.

Shahs of Sunset Recap: It’s Almost MJ and Tommy’s Wedding Day, but They Need a Blessing First!

Mike Shouhed and Sue (Mike’s Mother) arrive at LePetit Paris and he tells her about the property that he wants to develop and that they are going to move forward with the plans. She tells him how nobody has time to work on a two-year project. As a mother, she’s proud of him, and whatever he does she’ll back him up, but you can tell she’s reluctant. Mike wants to win back his mom’s trust and build a relationship with his brothers.

Adam Neely, Sheree, and Dan (Reza’s business partners) all get together to introduce the new shampoo product to Reza’s friends and family. Reza talks about how his dad would come home and “make it rain,” but that he’s conservative about money. He claims that Adam is slowly getting on board with what Reza is doing so he hopes it works or he won’t hear the end of it.

Shahs of Sunset Recap: It’s Almost MJ and Tommy’s Wedding Day, but They Need a Blessing First!

MJ, Tommy, Destiney, Golnesa ‘GG’ Gharachedaghi and Mike show up and Reza shares the information about the shampoo business. Mike talks about getting the product into the stores or nothing is going to happen. The lady in the bubble in the pool is more exciting than the shampoo if you ask me. 

Adam, Tommy and Reza head to the bakery for a wedding cake tasting. Yum! Reza is wondering what MJ would be in cake form and that it needs to be big and attractive and filled with flavor. Nice! They decide on salted caramel and lemon berry cakes. A little side note that Vanilla Bake Shop cake artist Joshua John Russell in this episode is the extremely popular “Man About Cake” on YouTube! 

Shahs of Sunset Recap: It’s Almost MJ and Tommy’s Wedding Day, But They Need a Blessing First!

In a less appetizing situation, for some weird reason MJ decides to get a ‘blood facial’ before her wedding. Destiney shows up and MJ tells her she’s nervous because she’s never tried something like this before. Which begs the question — why would you try it before your wedding?! MJ says her mother tells her about not trying anything new before a major event. I agree with your mom! Destiney, who doesn’t like needles or blood, has a hard time watching and when MJ gets the plasma injected into her face, Destiney calls it golden showers for your face — can someone please tell her that’s not what that means? Mj’s face ends up being red and puffy and she’s afraid to go out in public. 

At the Greenstone Warehouse, GG and Fatima, her mother, show up for the commercial shoot. GG talks about how she never really had a career or a job where she had to clock in or get dressed up. She struggles a bit saying her lines because trains and planes are going by. After multiple takes she gets it, but GG talks about how she’s never been so attached to anything and she randonly cries at the end of the night. GG seems literally afraid of success.

Nema calls MJ, he’s on his way to find his first piece of real gold ever. Reza shows up and explains that every year he was given a Pahlavi — gold coin and it became something that was part of his life. Reza talks about how Nema wants this now because he missed out on it growing up. Nema thinks everything is meant for a reason including his marriage and divorce, which connected him back to the culture. He says that Reza and Shervin have been influential in terms of his growth and connecting to his culture than anyone.

MJ’s childhood friend, Kerry, flies in for the wedding which takes place tomorrow (next week in our time) and runs errands with MJ. MJ gets misty because these errands she would’ve run with her dad. The room isn’t really ready yet and it’s only one day away and it’s making MJ nervous, but she decides to just spend money and let the stress go.

It’s rehearsal dinner time and they are skipping the rehearsal and just going to dinner. MJ meets Tommy’s adoptive family and finally confronts her mother about the blessing for marrying TommyMJ says she’s 100 percent sure without a shadow of a doubt that she loves him. She tells her mother that she’s supportive, loving, and nurturing. MJ asks “Do you give me your blessing to marry Tommy?” “Yes, I do, I really do,” she responds.  She also says that her father would give his blessing too. MJ is happy that she’s finally coming around 40 years later and being a supportive mom. Reza comes over and she tells him and he’s happy for her. MJ tells everyone to get the blessing of the mom before the wedding so you can hold it over her head in case anything goes wrong. LOL

Shahs of Sunset Recap: It’s Almost MJ and Tommy’s Wedding Day, But They Need a Blessing First!

MJ’s speech at the rehearsal dinner doesn’t go over well because she didn’t practice and just starts naming everyone in the room. Tommy starts yelling at her during the speech to name the fork and the knife too — really Tommy? He thinks he’s funny, but I found it obnoxious. Now she thinks she’s not prepared for the wedding. 

But it’s here and it’s now its only 9 hours until the wedding. MJ calls Adam and he asks her if she’s seen the final dress yet and she hasn’t. She hasn’t even written her vows yet! MJ heads back to the pool to jump into the pool to feel better. MJ asks the best man if he can stop Tommy from being drunk at the wedding. Tommy says he’s going to be drunk.

Next week it’s the wedding! We see that MJ is already 15 minutes late, her makeup isn’t very good and her mother is complaining. Does she actually show up?


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