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Captain Lee Rosbach Says Rhylee Gerber Is The Below Deck Cast Member Most Likely To Hook Up On The Boat

Even though Captain Lee Rosbach is such an integral part of Below Deck, he really isn’t a part of the drama. Sure, he has to reprimand a crew member here and there, but he is not a part of their late night antics. Essentially, he ends up watching this show just like the rest of us who didn’t get a chance to turn up with the crew.

Now Captain Lee is sounding off on which crew member is “most likely to” do various things. Rhylee Gerber’s name came up the most. By far. Even so it’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s better to be fun and interesting than to be boring. No one tunes into reality TV for boring.

Captain Lee answered a series of questions in during a video interview with Us Weekly. Who is most likely to hook up up on board? Captain Lee actually mentioned a Below Deck Mediterranean cast member. Clearly Captain Lee is a Bravo junkie just like the rest of us. I wonder if he watches any other Bravo shows.

Captain Lee answered, “With a charter guest, I would have to say Hannah [Ferrier] because I think she’s come close once or twice. So I don’t know what it would take to push her over the edge, but it could be a possibility.”

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He named Rhylee as the person “most likely to hook up with a crew member.” He said, “In fact, she actually stated she has ‘no issue hooking up with a crew member.'” Rhylee has no issue with it and neither to the viewers. We support you, Rhylee

He named Rhylee again when he was asked who takes the longest to get ready. Captain Lee said, “Just on a guess, I’m gonna say Rhylee.  She was usually the last one out of her quarters.” Maybe she just likes to sleep as much as possible.

Of course Captain Lee named his right hand woman Kate Chastain as the person most likely to throw the best party. He explained, “That would have to be Kate. Kate can throw a party. The luau she had was really outstanding. She even got me to dress up in some goofy costume, which was no easy feat.” This is so true.

Who is most likely to go skinny dipping? You guessed it. Captain Lee said “Rhylee would be most likely to skinny dip, I feel.” She already wore a white, sheer top with no bra in front of the camera crew. Rhylee might as well really go for it and skinny dip.

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Captain Lee named Rhylee as “the biggest party animal” as well. He admitted, “I have a sneaking suspicion she might have latent party tendencies.” I don’t know about that one. There have been plenty of major party animals throughout the years on Below Deck.

Captain Lee named Below Deck alum Ben Robinson as the cast member “most likely to embarrass” him. He remarked, “That would be Ben being Benny. It would be totally unintentional, but Benny could get the job done.” Can we get Ben back on reality television? I feel like that ship has sailed (pun intended), but I sure do miss his antics.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]