90 Day Fiance Star Larissa Dos Santos Lima Explains Why She Abandoned Her Children In Brazil

Last week, a man from 90 Day Fiance cast member’s Larissa Dos Santos  Lima‘s past, Marcos Hack, came forward on social media claiming to be the father of one of her children. He said that they share a son, that she had left behind in Brazil.  Larissa confirmed the information, revealing that she also had a daughter. She briefly explained why the relationships ended and why neither child was in her custody.

Over the weekend, Larissa felt the need to go further into detail about her past.  This time, the post was more focused on her emotions and the desperation she felt being a young, single mother.  Larissa posted her statement twice, one in English, and the other in Portuguese.

Larissa explained the situation in a lengthy Instagram postLarissa’s relationship with the first of her baby daddy’s started while she was in nursing school.  Not only did she leave school for the sake of the relationship, but she moved away from her family and her support system. According to Larissa, the relationship ended badly and put her in a precarious situation when her ex-boyfriend refused to pay child support.

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She continued, “I spent all my savings and I tried everything to find a job, but in Brazil, as everyone knows, life can be very hard sometimes. For this reason, I decided to let his aunt adopt him, she was always there for me and she loved him very much. This decision still breaks my heart today and it is a very delicate matter to me.  It is a regret that I have to live with and I don’t need anyone point the finger on my face. I already suffered enough.”

A few years later, she was a single mother once again with no financial support from the baby’s father.  Luckily, this time Larissa had reconnected with her father and had his help to care for her daughter.  She was able to continue working her minimum wage job.  Larissa describes the current arrangement, “I always took care of her and now she is with my father in Brazil temporarily. My father is a retired military man and he and his wife are great grandparents, they have a lot of time for her, I talk to them every day on whatsapp and I plan to bring her to live with us very soon.”

Larissa finishes her post by sharing her hopes for the future.  She wants to have a relationship with her son, “I really hope I can reconnect with him one day when he is old enough to understand that I made the best decision I could .”

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As for her daughter, Larissa hopes to bring her to America once her relationship with Colt Johnson has settled and her citizenship is in order.  She says,” I wanted to try my life here with Colt first, I want to move to a “Biggie house ” and make sure the relationship will work out before I bring her.  I also want to open my business to be able to support my daughter.”

Followers of the show know that Larissa is portrayed as a gold digger.  Could there be another take on the situation? Maybe the truth is that she is a mother trying to make a better life for her child.  More deceptive things certainly have happened on reality TV. Why else would she put up with no AC in the desert, a live-in mother in law who also controls the household finances, and calico clothed cats?


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