Below Deck Aftershow: The Crew Breaks Down Chandler Brooks’ Latest Incident

Time after time, we the viewers have been hoping that the fumblings of the deck crew on My Seanna would be improved upon the following episode and the Below Deck yacht could sail into proverbial calmer waters.  I hoped.  We all did.

In a way, things have gotten better.  Ashton Pienaar, Rhylee Gerber, and Ross Inia seem to be looking out for each other, and communicating more as a team.  Then there’s Chandler Brooks, the Bosun, who picked up a charter guest and saw her slip on algae-covered concrete. After that, he didn’t think to apologize to her or offer first aid assistance.

On this week’s episode of the Below Deck Aftershow, the deck crew and interior staff talk about this incident.  Ashton broke down what happened, “I think Chandler probably felt like it wasn’t his fault.  He didn’t drop her.  Where she stepped was slippery.  He probably could’ve been more careful with where he put her down.”  Ross agreed but insisted that Chandler should have apologized immediately as the professional in the situation.

Chef Adrian Martin got to witness the incident firsthand. Adrian speculated that timing was a major issue.  The hurried pacing of getting the charter guests to the beach before nightfall could be the reason for Chandler’s lack of vigilance.  According to Kate Chastain, the unlucky woman was the least deserving of what happened.  She joked, “Why do the nicest people always get the worst injuries from Chandler?”

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Back at the boat, Chandler was remarkably relaxed while Kate and Josiah Carter were picking up the slack for overwrought Caroline Bedol. At that point, Captain Lee assigned Kate to oversee deck crew management.  Josiah quipped, “because he knew Chandler couldn’t.”  When asked if she kept Chandler up the latest, Kate acknowledged and said, “He just seemed like the most well-rested of the deck crew.  If he’s got time to eat chocolate ice cream then he’s certainly has a lot more time for work.”

Kate then described her astonishment at Chandler’s fixation with his ice cream’s consistency. Why focus on that when there was so much work to get done? She said, “We’ve got Chandler wearing one sneaker, acting like life is normal, dropping a grown woman on concrete, leaving two crew members on an island.  And I get back and Chandler’s eating ice cream.  You might as well say ‘f’ you crew.  I’m doing what I want.'”

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Will Chandler get fired during next week’s Below Deck episode? He is visible in preview clips for next week episode. Apparently, Captain Lee (or production) is keeping him around.  Maybe between charter five and the man overboard incident, we will see some improvement from Chandler. Maybe.


[Photo Credit- Bravo]