Married at First Sight- Happily Ever After Recap: Routine Maintenance

On this week’s episode of Married at First Sight- Happily Ever After, will the already fragile marriage between Shawniece Jackson and Jephte Pierre become broken to the point of no return? The couple recently welcomed home their first child and things are not going well. Shawniece is completely overwhelmed and is desperately seeking help and attention from her husband. At this point, I am not sure if Jephte cares to be a husband or is just going through the motions because of his child. One thing is for sure, struggling through a marriage while learning to care for your first child is rough. Shawniece may have reached her breaking point.

Shawniece is starting to resent Jephte who is away at work most of the day and doesn’t do much when he returns. While trying to have a conversation about her stress, Jephte seems totally unsympathetic towards her plight.

Shawniece Jackson & Jephte Pierre

Jephte wants to take his paternity leave early in order to help, but is met with frustration and annoyance from Shawniece. She feels like there is no need for him to take the time early. He could just pitch in when he is home in the evenings and the weekends. He even wants to hire a dog walker, rather than walk the dog himself before and after work.

She lets him know her expectations and doesn’t hold back. I am honestly surprised that they are still married after everything he did to push her away during the initial eight-week process. He seems very immature and selfish when it comes to relationships and I feel bad that Shawniece has had to endure so much at her own expense just to try and make things work.

Dr. Jessica Griffin comes to visit the couple to speak to them about what it is like being new parents. Shawniece admits to the doctor that she is overwhelmed and feels like she has to take care of everyone, including Jephte. Sadly, she witnesses Jephte vocalize his love and affection for the baby and she doesn’t receive that in her marriage. Jephte meets with the doctor separately and admits he knows that Shawniece feels like the odd man out. He wants to fix the problem. But is unsure of how to go about it. Dr. Jessica encourages him to just ask her what she needs, which is something as little as a hug.

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While asking questions during the expert’s exercise, Shawniece reveals she hasn’t kissed Jephte in five months because it is so intimate. This made me sad. Being newly married and having a new baby should be a happy time. She seems like she hasn’t been truly happy for a while. This is a stark difference from the bright-eyed, optimistic personality she displayed when she learned she was getting married at first sight. I wanted to throw the remote at Jephte‘s head for being such a jerk to her since they got married.

Jephte and Shawniece go on their first date night as new parents. During their conversation, it seems like they both want to try to resolve their issues before they give up. Jephte even gives her a gift, a necklace with her, his and the baby’s birthstones. I am not sure if this couple is going to make it, but I am happy to see they are attempting to work on their marriage for the sake of their baby and relationship.


Anthony D’Amico and Ashley Petta

Anthony D’Amico meets up with a friend and discusses the move Ashley Petta has been pushing for before the baby comes. He wants to be more practical given all of the additional expenses with the baby. He is worried about the stress and the cost, but does see the benefit of being settled before the baby comes.

Anthony and Ashley went to view houses. They found one they liked. They decide to put an offer on the house and it was accepted. This is definitely a win for Ashley who really wanted to move.  Personally, I think they made the right decision.  They are going to need more space for the baby and a home to grow into as their family gets bigger.


Danielle Bergman and Bobby Dodd

 The couple settles in for the night with an exercise from the experts. Each person takes turns answering questions they pick from a bowl. One of the key questions that was brought up was “What do you want intimacy to look like during pregnancy?”. This question is especially interesting since Danielle has been very sick her whole pregnancy and there has been little to no intimacy.

Bobby Dodd hangs out with his brother-in-law. He finally admits that everything is not perfect with his marriage. He feels like she is sick all the time and it seems like Danielle only feels okay when he isn’t around. Wow, that has to be a complete blow to the ego if he really thinks that is the case.

Danielle and Bobby go to a sonogram appointment to see their first glimpses of the baby. The doctor decides to put her on a new medication that will help with the nausea. You can see Bobby’s face light up with glee at the thought of getting back to having sex. Danielle reveals she almost cried while looking at the sonogram. However, we all know she has trouble expressing her emotions.There was no chance of that happening.

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Bobby and Danielle go out to celebrate her birthday now that she feeling better. Bobby offers her crab cakes as an aphrodisiac in hopes of having “sexy time” when they get home. He is in for a rude awakening because when they get home she says she feels like a “butt hole” and needs to get some sleep. Way to kill the mood Danielle! I know she isn’t feeling well at times. Still, some part of me feels like she just doesn’t want to have sex with Bobby. I get the impression he is starting to feel that way as well. We have to wait until next week to see him confront her about it.


I wish we got to see this show without the input of the experts. I would really like to see what would be happening in these households without their counsel. Let’s admit it, Jephte and Shawniece’s marriage is being held together by a string and a prayer. If they didn’t have constant free counseling I don’t think they would have made it this far. Everyone will eventually have to deal with their marital issues without their help and I think when that happens, the couples won’t know what to do.


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