90 Day Fiance Star Leida Margaretha Loses Business Deal Because Of Behavior On The Show

Leida Margaretha’s polarizing actions on 90 Day Fiance have real-life consequences.  Clothing store Surelymine dropped Leida from an endorsement deal. Apparently, viewers flooded the company with complaints. They even questioned the decision to use Leida as a spokesperson.

Who can blame them? There has been plenty of poor behavior this season. Primarily, Leida’s appalling treatment of her future step-daughter Tasha Rosenbrook. Her diva antics escalated throughout the season.  Eventually, the aggressive behavior peaked when Leida gave Eric Rosenbrook an ultimatum.  As a result, Eric threw Tasha out of his apartment.

The online boutique canceled its collaborations with Leida.  Then, the store issued a formal statement.  It began, “Just like all of you viewers watching the show, we too were shocked and appalled by the statements and actions made.  We had absolutely no prior knowledge of what was to transpire on the show.”

Then, the company explained, “SurelyMine is a family company that is female owned and operated. We do not support or condone the actions and behavior that were depicted on the show.”

Later, the company emphasized, “The actions, values, and opinions in this case from Leida DO NOT reflect those of the SurelyMine Brand or its affiliates.  Our brand prides itself on being a positive influence and partner in our community.  Therefore, we have decided to discontinue any and all present and future collaboration with Leida.”

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As expected, Leida responded by down-playing her involvement with SurelyMine.  Leida claimed that she received two dresses from the brand. Thankfully, John Yates posted a screenshot of this response before Leida deleted it.

In response, Leida wrote, “As you guys know, I no longer collaborating with a clothing brand anymore.  Which is fine.  I didn’t get paid anyway.  Only got two free dresses which is great. I didn’t lose anything but sure did a good thing attacking an innocent business.”

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Leida’s defense strategy also involved shifting the blame, of course.  Unsurprisingly, she accused fans of “attacking an innocent business.” Apparently, SurelyMine anticipated her lack of self-reflection. In their official statement, the company denied harassment from viewers.  Ultimately, they concluded, “We also want to say thank you to everyone who wrote in.  Your messages and posts were very professional and not an attack on our brand or company.  For that, we are very appreciative.” Checkmate!

Obviously, Leida will not lock down any other endorsements in the near future. Then again, she has plenty of other problems to deal with. Karma, right? Unfortunately for Leida, she is far from a fan favorite. More importantly, she is far from a favorite in Eric’s family. Eric’s kids cannot stand her. Eric’s wife tried to call her out. Not only that, but she doesn’t even have a real couch in her apartment. Now, she lost some potential earnings. But, how will she afford a non-inflatable couch?


[Photo Credit-TLC]