Did 90 Day Fiance Stars Eric Rosenbrook & Leida Margaretha Get Married In Indonesia Last Year?

Is it possible that Eric Rosenbrook and Leida Margaretha already wed before they started filming for 90 Day Fiance?

What looks to be a wedding photo from November of 2017 has surfaced.  Leida looks like a “proper” bride in a white dress.  Additionally, she is carrying a bouquet while Eric sports a suit and a boutineer.

The wedding photo was just the beginning.  Then fans discovered a video uploaded to Leida’s YouTube channel from December 2017 which she captioned, “Me and my family took Eric (now my husband) to his first road trip in Indonesia.”

Of course, fans were in an uproar. As expected, viewers questioned the legitimacy of the show.  If Eric and Leida were married in Indonesia, how could they firstly apply for a K-1 fiancé visa, and then be cast on 90 Day Fiance? The show’s entire premise is waiting to see if the couples make it to the altar.

Eric’s official statement is that it was more of a ceremonial commitment for the sake of propriety.  He justified the situation saying, “just so we’re clear on the picture of us floating around out there and the article about us being married in Jakarta: It was a commitment ceremony.  Nothing more.  It allowed us to travel her country together alone.  They don’t allow unmarried, nonrelated men and women to travel alone together.”

Considering that Indonesia is a conservative culture, this seems like a reasonable explanation.  It sounds very familiar to Nicole and Azan in Morroco when Azan had to book separate hotel rooms. Who could forget Nicole’s public tantrums about Azan’s lack of intimacy? Cringeworthy.

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In terms of legalities, Indonesia has strict marriage laws. Additionally, Eric, as a foreigner would have to request an additional certification from the US Embassy there.

Nevertheless, if the ceremony was not registered in Indonesia, they could still apply for a K-1 fiancé visa. Technically speaking, they would not be spouses in Indonesia or the United States. Regardless of what the ceremony looked like, Eric claimed they did not register the ceremony.

Ultimately, Eric confirmed that the marriage was only for optics. He claimed, “no documentation was filed with either Indonesia or United States.  It was strictly symbolic.  If you doubt this, go ahead and inquire with the State Dept.”

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Will viewers accept this explanation? Of course, they probably won’t. Unfortunately, this couple’s storyline has brought up a lot of questions already. Does Eric have as much financial struggles as he portrays?  Or is Leida’s family is as rich as she claims?  What is the reality and what is scripted reality TV?


[Photo Credit- TLC]