Josiah Carter Below Deck

Josiah Carter Reflects On Wearing The Gold Speedo On Below Deck

The true star of last week’s Below Deck was Josiah Carter and the contents of his gold speedo.  It’s really refreshing to learn more about Josiah and watch him overcome some insecurities.  The only other notable moment of the episode was Tyler Rowland mumbling about “skid marks” and his jar of peanut butter. Entertaining, but not article-worthy.

Up to this point, Josiah has kept his prim and proper British butler persona and we haven’t seen much more than that.  But this particular group of charter guests forced Josiah to relive past bullying trauma.  Josiah sat down with Chief Stew Kate Chastain on the Below Deck After Show to reflect on the incident.

Fan comments questioned if Josiah was pressured into wearing the speedo.  Clearly, he was very uncomfortable about the whole thing.  However, Josiah maintains that serving shots pantless was entirely his initiative.  But that doesn’t mean Josiah was thrilled about it.  He said, “I suggested it and when I was on my way up, I was like, oh I shouldn’t have done it.  You know when you’re like, this is a really good idea, and then you instantly regret it.”

Rhylee Gerber offered some encouraging words, “What better time and place and group of clients to do that with than this group. They ate it up. It was great. And why not. He’s so showy about everything else like he’s not afraid to be him so put a freaking speedo on. I’m sure he wears one more than we think he does.”

Kate gave her second stew a lot of credit.  When asked if she was surprised that Josiah offered to wear the speedo she said, “I know that he’s so accommodating and such a good team player that didn’t surprise. me. But the fact that he was like, oh I’m going to do it because he’s so proper. But then when he came out in it, I understood why. Good for you.”

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It seemed that Josiah’s discomfort shifted from reliving trauma from his youth to just plain physical discomfort, “I felt like shit. I hated it. I hated every minute of it. It was so uncomfortable.”

Clearly size matters; the speedo was too small and everyone noticed.  Kate had this to say, “You need to share that gift with the world. [The speedo] is very reflective, shows all the angles.  You didn’t come out that shy, and I don’t blame you.”

Though the guests loved the presentation, Josiah still feels uncomfortable about the whole thing.  When asked there was any positive about wearing the speedo, Josiah said, “it was probably the biggest regret of this season.”


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