Kate Chastain & Josiah Carter Describe The “Last Straw” Situation With Uncooperative Charter Guest On Below Deck

The Below Deck crew has been living in relative harmony recently.  Rhylee Gerber’s outbursts have dwindled.  Laura Betancourt keeps her ego in check.  And she’s been getting along with Chief Stew Kate Chastain as well as fending off the occasional sexually charged remark from Chef Adrian Martin.  But for a change, the drama has centered around the carter guests.  And this last group of ladies certainly deliver it.

Who better than Kate and Josiah Carter to dish on the likes of Krystal on the Below Deck After Show?  They do have the most access.  So the task of getting the intoxicated trust-fund diva to bed safely fell on Kate and Josiah’s shoulders.  Krystal refused to be moved from the aft deck.  This put Kate and Josiah in a “hostage situation.”

Kate pegged Krystal as someone with their her planned out.  “You do college, you do the sorority, you get married. Then you start planning charity events.  Then you push out three babies. You get a nanny. You get an addiction to white wine,” she said.

Then the Chief Stew and her Second did a quick assessment Kate said, “If we’ve got drunk Krystal sleeping on the aft deck, she could roll off.  She does what she wants, but she doesn’t know what she’s doing.  That’s the problem.  We’d have a guest lost at sea. That’s not good.”  Josiah pointed out the logistics of keeping Krystal on board. He explained, “She’s the primary, she’s meant to give us a tip. So we’re not going to let her roll off the boat.”

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But after being abandoned by the charter guests and a sense of desperation sinking in, Kate called for a hose.  Josiah described his feeling in the moment, He recalled, “It’s the last thing of everything, the last charter, the last night, the last straw.”

Viewers will have to wait until the Below Deck next episode to see what actually happened. In the meantime,  Kate described what she wanted to do with that hose.  It was definitely a pressure washer fantasy. She remarked, “I was ready for the hose.  Don’t we all have that moment?  Just spray it down, get it of the deck.  Get rid of all the yucky stuff.”

That’s going to be the scene to watch.  It may be one of those immortal moments on reality TV where mere seconds make the whole episode.  Or maybe it will be completely anti-climactic.  At least fans can count on more primary guest tantrums.

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[Photo Credit- Bravo]