Gina Kirschenheiter Speaks Out About Her Arrest

Some lessons need to be learned the hard way. Real Housewives of Orange County member Gina Kirschenheiter is finding this out. Gina was arrested for driving under the influence. This is actually Gina’s second driving-related violation this year. On January 3, she got a ticket for ignoring a stop sign.

As viewers are aware, in April 2018 Gina filed for divorce from her husband, Matt Kirschenheiter. The couple was married for almost eight years and they share two boys. Will her driving incidents factor into custody negotiations?

Gina discussed her arrest with an Instagram post. She posted a photo of the quote, “The Best Apology Is Changed Behavior.” She expressed her feelings in the caption. “Bad choices have bad consequences,” she states. “Mine are magnified [because] I chose to share my life with you on a very public stage.”

However, magnified or not, she has been in two PREVENTABLE traffic violations and it’s only the first week of February. Either of those incidents could have resulted in a tragic ending. Hopefully, she won’t require a third wake-up call.

Gina commented on the outpouring of support she has received. She shared, “As embarrassed and hard on myself as I’ve been in these past few days, I’ve been shocked by the astonishing amount of  ‘it could have happened to anyone’ and ‘we’ve all been there’ that I’ve received through friends both close to me and on social media.”

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Well, I was personally scared straight by Afterschool Specials when I was a kid. So, I cannot relate on that level of support. Ultimately, there is no excuse for drinking and driving. We are fortunate to have resources like Lyft and Uber. We have cell phones to call a buddy or family member for a ride. At least Gina accepts responsibility for the DUI, based on her comments.

For what it’s worth, Gina closed her Instagram post by saying, “To all of you who wrote me with pain in their hearts about how drinking and driving has had a negative impact on them and their families, I hear you. Thank you. I make that promise to each one of you with your messages in my heart… I am committed to this cause and hope to effect a positive change and dialogue. You don’t have to believe me with these words, but I hope over time you will see through my actions.”

Last season, we were left wondering about the state of Gina’s relationship with castmate Shannon Beador. They certainly weren’t besties.  At least they shared the common bond of single motherhood. That was until Gina became rather… vocal about Shannon’s drinking habits. I feel confident Shannon will weigh in on Gina’s arrest as soon as the opportunity presents itself. Karma, it happens. It is likely that some of this play out next season. Let’s just hope Gina turns this into a genuine teaching moment instead of just a storyline for a TV show.

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It would be refreshing to see Gina stand by her comments and make a solid effort to never drink and drive again. At the end of the day, there is no excuse to get behind the wheel after imbibing alcohol.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]