Gina tells Shannon about Tamra

 The Real Housewives of Orange County viewers can usually depend on Tamra Judge to stir the pot. Not only that, but the pretty much no one gets away with challenging Tamra on this show so the pot stirring just continues. Gina Kirschenheiter called out Shannon Beador for being a “bad” friend to Tamra. Tamra didn’t say a single word. She just handed Gina the gun, gave her some bullets, and then walked away as if she didn’t egg this all on.

Tamra has told every cast member this season that Shannon is self-involved, doesn’t give her enough as a friend, and did not check in when her husband was in the hospital. Now she’s throwing Gina under the bus for repeating her own words. Did Gina Kirschenheiter steal Tamra Judge’s crown as the pot stirrer of Orange County? Or is she simply just keeping it real?

 During the last episode, Gina carried yet another bone to Shannon. This time she did so while Shannon just got out of plastic surgery. She couldn’t have waited until Shannon wasn’t swollen mid-recovery to let her know that her “BFF” Tamra was talking behind her back? What was the urgency there? Why didn’t Gina just pick a more convenient time to talk to Shannon?
Instead of getting upset about the shit that Tamra was talking behind her back, Shannon took that “kill the messenger” approach. I can’t help feeling like this is one of those situations where Tamra and Gina were both wrong. Tamra needed to own up to talking behind Shannon’s back (constantly) and Gina should have picked a way better time and place to let Shannon know what was going on. Why did she think that was a great idea? Did she get some encouragement from the producers? Was she just trying to secure a second season? No matter what was going on, this just wasn’t a good look.
Gina discussed the situation in a Bravo blog post. She wrote, “Tamra did explain that their friendship was on the mend, and I think that’s awesome. I was simply concerned for Shannon. Early that day, Kelly [Dodd] and I visited Vicki [Gunvalson] at her hotel where she was recovering. Steve was there taking VERY good care of her, attending to all her needs and supporting her through this recovery.”
The New Housewife added, “When we showed up at Shannon’s, she was completely alone, no friends caring for her, and her girls were out. She couldn’t see well. She seemed in pain and kind of down, and I really just wanted to check in on her to make sure for myself that she was in a good mental place before I left her in what I considered to be kind of a sad situation. I was just letting her know if she didn’t already that her friends were concerned for her and give her some support and love. I wanted to hear for myself that she was ok.”
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Let me get this straight. Gina felt bad that Shannon was recovering from a major surgery alone and she wanted to make sure she was alright, so she decided to share upsetting news, stress her out, and make her cry. How does that plan make any sense?
Gina insisted, “My intention was never to throw anyone under the bus. I DIDN’T BRING UP TAMRA’S NAME! KELLY DID. And honesty, Kelly and I didn’t think it was a big deal because we were not coming from a bad place.” That may be true, but the timing was awful. At least wait until Shannon isn’t recovering from surgery.
Gina claimed, “I was SHOCKED that this whole situation got turned into a negative, ugly thing.” Has she ever watched this show? How did she think that news would be perceived?
Gina concluded, “Her closest friends obviously care about her, too, and I would never want to take that from anyone!! It’s ridiculous to think that I would intentionally cause a problem between them. We are all grown women, and to be honest, at this point I am so over the entire thing. I am the scapegoat for them to deflect from their issues.”
Gina’s approach was very flawed, but she’s not wrong. She is definitely the scapegoat that Tamra and Shannon are using to deflect from the issues in their relationship. Now they can unite against Gina for stirring the pot instead of addressing the problems that Tamra shared with every person in the cast.
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