90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Premiere Date Announced

Has it been too long since 90 Day Fiance ended?  Has it left a void in your life?  Do you miss seeing awkward airport reunions?  How about witnessing the immigrating partner’s disappointment in the “American dream”?  Can’t get enough.

That’s why fans can mark their calendars.  TLC announced a premiere for their new spinoff 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way.  Only this amalgamation of international love on reality TV will have the American partner moving overseas to be with their one and only.

According to an article from Starcasm, the new series will premiere in June of 2019.  The description of the show from the press release reads, “viewers are familiar with the premise of hit 90 Day Fiancé, when an American brings their partner from abroad and has only 90 days to marry them or have their partner leave the country.  But in this new spinoff series, they’ll find out what happens when love flows in the opposite direction.  A collection of Americans make the ultimate sacrifice and move across the globe for the person they love.  Leaving their American comforts for vastly different ways of life leads to major culture shock, as they experience the challenges of relocating for their international love affairs. Will uprooting their lives in the United States pay off or will it be the biggest mistake of their lives?”

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The cast has yet to be revealed.  One fan favorite duo that was rumored to be involved was Nicole Nafzinger and Azan Tefou.  They had to ditch their K-1 visa plans and Nicole made several trips to Morocco since they were on the air.  It would have fit this show perfectly, but Nicole and Azan will be featured on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?

Another veteran couple that is still overseas is Paul Staehle and Karine Staehle.  Previously, Paul insisted they were finished with the show and was implying that Karine would be moving to Kentucky.  However, the couple is still currently in Brazil where Karine recently gave birth to son Pierre.  Is there a possibility they stayed out of the country to participate in the show?

Perhaps TLC will be introducing all new couples.  If this show has proved anything, it’s that people are interested in seeing cultures collide.  Meeting new cast members and watching that process over and over has proved enough to milk three spinoffs.  Happy viewing to all!

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[Photo Credit: TLC]