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Mercedes Javid & Husband Tommy Feight Welcome Baby Boy!!

Shahs of Sunset star, Mercedes “MJ” Javid and husband Tommy Feight are breathing a big ‘ol sigh of relief today! Viewers know MJ has never been a wallflower and quite open about sharing the trials and tribulations of her life with the Shahs crew.

Over the years, MJ has shared the struggle to get along with her mother, Vida Javid. A woman who blatantly insults her daughter, despite the pain it has clearly caused. I’ve always thought Vida was right up there with Jason Voorhees’ mom, minus the desire to kill camp counselors. Vida never needed a hatchet because her mouth was much more brutal. We’ve also watched MJ’s search for a man, finally finding the perfect guy for her in Tommy. First comes love, second comes marriage, then MJ wanted something to push in a baby carriage. But that wasn’t an easy task either. While I admittedly live my life under a dark cloud of snark, I’m happy to say this particular obstacle for MJ has a very happy ending.

CONGRATULATIONS to MJ and Tommy, welcome to the parent club! E! News reports the happy couple were joined by Shams Francis Feight on Wednesday, April 17. He clocked in via C-section at a precious 6 pounds 9 ounces. The little nugget is named after MJ’s father and Tommy’s mother, who are both deceased. Baby Shams didn’t take the easy way here, after the new mom dealt with some real health concerns throughout her pregnancy.

MJ said she “feels eternally grateful and blessed” after Shams came into the world. The new mom underwent extensive in-vitro fertilization therapy, with hopes of getting pregnant in her mid-40’s. She had a rough road with multiple surgeries to remove uterine polyps prior to the embryo transfer, but was steadfast in her quest to have a baby. MJ also was put on bedrest by her physicians to make sure she could carry to term. For those of you who don’t know, bedrest might sound great but it totally sucks. No one is placed on bedrest because things are going perfect. To her credit, MJ kept a positive attitude and continued to update her fans on social media.

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“I always imagined that pregnancy, being the first leg of the journey to motherhood would bring about positive & permanent changes and adjustments into my life. We have an innocent person to set an example for, and be our best for,” MJ stated. “This inspires and excites me. Bedrest has given me a different outlook, which I hope to work very hard to carry out into my future.” You definitely have a lot of time to be completely terrified and Google horrible things contemplate life whilst on bedrest, so I am not doubting this experience has changed her for the better.

If all of that wasn’t enough, there were even people who thought she wasn’t pregnant at all. She sure showed them in a revealing maternity photo shoot. Listen, it might not be your cup of tea, but whatever keeps someone going through a difficult pregnancy is fine by me.

MJ’s rep released a statement saying, “The healthy baby boy is happy and doing great, and the family can’t wait to bring him home.”

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So whether you enjoy MJ or not, I’m sure all of us can muster the strength to send the new family our best wishes and hopes for a happy, healthy future. Congrats to MJ and Tommy, and for little Shams – welcome to the jungle, baby!


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/ Bravo]