MJ Javid Brings Vida Along To WWHL; Vida Shares Why She Doesn’t Approve Of Tommy; Thinks MJ Needs Another Breast Reduction

In honor of Mother’s Day, Shahs of Sunset star MJ Javid brought along her mom Vida to Watch What Happens Live. MJ also let her fiance Tommy Feight tag along to play bartender for the night.

Andy starts off the night by asking Vida what advice she has for each of MJ’s co-stars/friends.

GG: “stop being a victim”

Mike: “he’s a confused dreamer”

Asa: “she should stop using the show for personal benefit”

Reza: “stop using ‘bitch’ and stop feeling superior to everyone on the show”

Shervin: “he’s new and OK, I don’t know him very well”

Andy asks Vida if she’ll ever approve of Tommy, she says “at the moment, no. Nobody knows about the future.”  He takes that as a win at this point.

Andy plays a clip from the show where MJ says she feels Vida has sat on the sidelines of her own life and didn’t want her heart broken. Vida says she feels she’s had a good life and didn’t need a man in her life to have a good life.

A caller dares Vida to say three nice things about Tommy.  “He’s cute, he’s tall, we get along in conversation.”

Why does Vida get mean and judgemental about the men MJ is with? “Because I have a special image of a husband in my mind for as long as I can remember and Tommy does not pass those images.” What is her image for MJ’s husband? “Okay, I want that person to be highly educated, which Tommy is not. When you are educated, you have a good job, you have a good income and then you can provide a good life for your wife, for your children and Tommy does not and he knows that, so that’s the reason.”

Has Vida ever liked any of MJ’s boyfriends?  Vida says yes and that the boyfriend even bought her a diamond and proposed and she met his family and liked them, but MJ said no to the proposal.

What is MJ and Mike’s friendship status? “Mike likes to teach me lessons, usually via 5am texts, so after the last time I was on WWHL and then he came on after me to like “set the record straight” which was… I like Mike and I want the best for him, we’re good.”

What did Vida really think of the dog makeover? “It was a shock to me, I couldn’t believe that. I mean, I gave her a beautiful, harry Pomeranian, and she gave me a tiger. And my Ziggy, she suffered a lot. I don’t believe that.”

Why is Vida so hard on MJ? MJ says “me, too, I would like to know that.” Vida says, “okay, I tell you why.. if you tell something to your child one time, two times, three times, fifty times, fifty-five times and she still doesn’t listen to you, how do you feel?”

Has MJ set a wedding date yet? “No, in fact I get irritated when people ask about the wedding date because I think being engaged is a thing you should be for a long time, just like when you start dating someone and you’re just dating, you don’t have a plan.”

Andy asks Vida what she thinks of MJ’s breast reduction. MJ says Vida picked her dress (which she’s spilling out of).  Vida says “I have a problem with her wardrobe. This dress is one of the good ones.”  On the reduction she says, “it’s good, she had to do that, maybe she has to do a little more even.”

Vida says MJ’s most annoying trait is smoking and drinking. MJ says Vida’s most annoying thing is being too critical.

A caller asks Vida what her proudest moment is of MJ. “When I see the result of my advice to her.” MJ says that’s not an answer. Vida then says she’s proud of MJ’s job – the show, it has helped her very much and she’s devoted to it.

How did MJ know that Mike Shouhed cheated before the wedding? “I was shown a text message directly from the person’s mouth and I would’ve never said this if it weren’t already out and he didn’t already get a divorce but when Mike came on the show and said the reason I didn’t go to the wedding was because my mom didn’t get a plus one, that was the polite answer, because actually Jessica and Mike texted me after the wedding and said ‘we wish you would’ve come, you’re the one person that supported us’ and I gave a polite answer because I wasn’t going to blow up his spot and say ‘the affair’.  But yeah, the woman that he might have been allegedly with showed me the whole thing.”

Poll Question: Will Vida ever accept Tommy?  71% say No.


Photo Credit: Twitter