Did Karen Huger Think Gizelle Bryant Was Genuine When She Delivered Those Cookies?

The Real Housewives of Potomac are back!! A new season of Potomac means a new season of the Grand Dame Karen Huger. There’s something hilariously bizarre about Karen that leaves you wanting more. She’s messy. She’s mysterious. Plus, she has that WEIRD and RANDOM friendship with Matt Byars. Who even is he? Best friend? Coworker? Lawyer? The world may never know.

A major talking point from the premiere was Gizelle Bryant’s attempt to deliver cookies to Karen’s home. All things considered, Gizelle is lucky Karen let her anywhere near that house. Gizelle hasn’t proven to be the greatest friend to Karen over the years. Nonetheless, Karen graciously accepted the cookies. Then, she swiftly closed the door in Gizelle’s face. It’s hard to gauge where they stand, but Karen is spilling all the tea. 

If Karen’s Bravo blog is any indication, she’s taking the high road when it comes to Gizelle. However, don’t expect a reconciliation between the two anytime soon.

Karen blogged, “Gizelle and I had a great friendship many years ago. I miss that Gizelle. I don’t know what I would call Gizelle now…maybe a bit of an ENIGMA.” Everything about Ms. Word on the Street comes across manufactured for the cameras a lot of the time.

For the most part, it seems as if the issue is their respective desire to rule Potomac. It’s obvious that both want to be the Queen and neither wants to back down. Despite living in Great Falls, Karen has no plans to relinquish her crown.

Gizelle bringing Karen cookies was random and MESSY. If it was about just being there for her, why couldn’t sure just give them to Karen’s sidekick Matt?

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When asked in her blog about the cookies, Karen radiated positive vibes only. “Now, let’s talk about those cookies! I love that the girls baked them. They were delicious. Thanks, girls! Kisses.”

The highlight of this is Gizelle’s young daughters knowing how to work an oven better than Karen. #RichPeopleProblems. In fact, maybe her inability to operate the oven means she doesn’t live there? GASP. Her three outfits in the closet prove otherwise!

Although, if Gizelle is making cookies for Karen she’s obviously being genuine right?  Not exactly.

Bravo asked Karen about if Gizelle’s genuineness to which Karen replied, “Honestly, I’m so over the question about her genuineness as it pertains to her caring about me as a friend. I’m in a great place of acceptance. Life is too short. I’ve been blessed on so many levels and her comments and conduct aren’t on my radar. Gizelle’s actions speak for her – you all be the judge.”

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PREACH, KAREN. Love and light and nothing else! It’s too early in the season to know the full scope of how their friendship plays out. By the time the season comes to a close, they could be in a much better (or much worse) place.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]