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Southern Charm Star Craig Conover Devotes A Room In His House To Sewing-And His New Business Venture

Craig Conover of Southern Charm is often the target of teasing and harsh judgements by his co-stars. Shep Rose, Cameran Eubanks, Whitney Sudler-Smith and other cast members love to give Craig a hard time over almost everything, including his stylish clothing, fondness for pot-stirring and continuing inability to decide on a career.

Maybe the part of Craig’s life that takes the most hits, however, is his love of sewing. Craig has not been shy about his enjoyment of the creative process of sewing and his fellow Charmers often don’t seem to understand it. Especially regarding his lack of follow through with taking his hobby to the next level and turning it into a business, which Craig has claimed he has wanted to do. Now, Craig is proving his detractors wrong as he has taken some real steps to make his artistic passion a part of his livelihood.

In a post, Craig takes fans on a video tour of his home sewing room, which is also the headquarters for his new business venture, Sewing Down South. Craig launched the business on April 1 of this year-and it is no April Fool’s joke! Craig explains, “A lot of my sewing has been for gifts for friends or family or charities, kind of making a lot of my scraps into blankets for homeless shelters. But now, something’s in the works, I think.”

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And just what is in the works? Sewing Down South has a website featuring sewing-themed pillows, hats, t-shirts and totes. In a business press release issued last month, Craig said, “At first I got a lot of heat for sewing, but then, people started messaging me and thanking me for sticking to my guns and doing something that I enjoyed. It was at that moment that I realized, maybe I could help all the others out there that enjoy sewing, or doing anything uncool who do it just because they love it.”

Kudos to Craig for sticking to his guns. Or in this case, to his needle and thread. Craig is now kind of a superhero for the hobby-shamed: Sewing Man! And he genuinely seems dedicated to sewing. In his press release, Craig also shared, “I want to build a platform and a cool brand for us. Sewing isn’t just something for grandmothers-I mean, they’re great at it! But sewing is a craft, and designing pillows is a form of art and personal expression-at least for me it is.”

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Southern Charm fans know that Craig spent much of last season coming up with a pillow design for matriarch Patricia Altschul to market. Craig’s procrastination resulted in him missing deadlines and as they say in the sewing biz, the project was “scrapped.” However, the two have come together again and collaborated on cat and dog pillow covers now being sold on Patricia’s website. Take that Shep-Craig can actually finish a project-and start a business. Without the benefit of mailbox money!

Will we see any storylines about Craig’s new business on the upcoming season of Southern Charm? We will find out soon enough as show premieres on Wednesday, May 15. I hope everyone is as excited as I am for the new season!


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