Patricia Altschul

Patricia Altschul Says Michael The Butler Has Been Moved To Assisted Living Facility After Stroke

Michael Kelcourse, lovingly known better as Michael The Butler, is the unsung hero of Southern Charm. He’s always there to lend a hand and mix up a perfect martini for Patricia Altschul at her beck and call. He never gets involved in the drama, but his presence brings a calming and old-world feel to the show. It’s welcome comedic relief from the constant drama from all the tumultuous relationships on the show.

So when Patricia announced in February that Michael suffered from a debilitating spinal stroke, fans were heartbroken. A blog was set up for regular updates on Michael and Patricia said he was “rapidly progressing” after receiving care. It’s nice to see Patricia being a part of taking care of Michael for a change because we all know he definitely deserves it.

Madison LeCroy Southern Charm

It seems as though Madison LeCroy is in the running to be one of the messiest stars of Southern Charm of all time. Well, maybe aside from Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis. But, they’re a whole other level. She came onto the show hot thanks to her tumultuous relationship with Austen Kroll. That only got worse as time went on, to Shep Rose’s dismay.

Madison and Austen finally called it quits for good when it was revealed at the reunion that she has a penchant for athletes. She’s been connected to Jay Cutler, but probably only to piss off Austen and his new friend Kristin Cavallari, who vows to never appear on the show. And her rumored FaceTime dates with Alex Rodriguez might have caused the downfall of his engagement to the Jennifer Lopez. Madison is messy as can be, but probably because she’s pretty obsessed with being in the spotlight. 

Patricia Altschul Denies Whitney And Madison LeCroy Hookup Rumors

Whitney Sudler-Smith is no stranger to cast hookups, whether he is denying being involved in one or just watching the carnage unfold around him.  He has an uncanny way of side-stepping the drama on Southern Charm season after season.  Whitney just seems to have the long-game in mind and doesn’t sully his name with any reality show tart.

Whitney’s one weak spot was Kathryn Dennis.  He denied hooking up with her in Season 6, claiming a southern gentleman doesn’t kiss and tell.  Clearly he learned his lesson after she chose Thomas Ravenel over their brief hook-up during the premiere season and his ego now suggests he act otherwise.  But maintaining good decisions can’t be easy.

Patricia Altschul Gives An Upate On Michael Kelcourse’s Health

Michael Kelcourse, lovingly known as Michael the Butler in the Altschul household, became an honorary cast member of Southern Charm.  He wasn’t involved in any of the fights or drama. However, his stable and comforting presence as Patricia Altschul’s right hand man is an integral part of the show.  His adoration of the household pets and incredible talent for mixing martinis earned Michael his own fan base.  And rightly so.  If you watch to see hints of a bygone era, Michael and Patricia bring that experience.

Michael is not just Patricia’s employee. He’s a devoted family friend of 20 plus years.  So when it was reported in late February that Michael suffered a debilitating spinal stroke, Patricia made sure he got the best care possible.  Michael was moved to the Shepherd Spinal Center in Atlanta. He’s currently in recovery there.

Southern Charm Shep Rose

I thought Thomas Ravenel “leaving” Southern Charm was something everyone was happy about. Yeah, he provided some interesting storylines. However, he also pleaded guilty to assault.

Quite frankly, he should have been fired long before he “left” the show in 2018. At least in my opinion. Hopefully, most people feel the same way. However, Shep Rose is on the fence with this one.

Patricia Altschul Shares Website Dedicated To Michael Kelcourse’s Recovery; Fans Can Send Good Wishes And Stay Updated On Progress

Most of the time around here we like to cut up and have fun whilst relaying the latest embezzlement scheme involving a Housewife. Our content often surrounds the trials and tribulations of rich people with little sense and no moral compass. Regardless of what show catches your fancy on Bravo, sometimes the folks who snatch our hearts are not on the main cast. Patricia Altschul has been on Southern Charm since Season 1, and so has her butler, Michael Kelcourse.

Michael the Butler is arguably the best part of Southern Charm. He has been a loyal friend to Ms. Pat and her family for almost 20 years. For all intents and purposes, Michael runs everything. He takes care of Patricia, he maintains an army of animals, and he manages an enormous home with relative ease. Viewers began to love Michael for his tenderness towards dogs and his shy, quick wit. This is why it was heartbreaking to learn Michael unfortunately suffered a debilitating stroke. Now Ms. Pat offers a way for us to keep up with Michael and his progress.

Patricia Altschul’s Butler Michael Had A Stroke

Listen, someone’s gotta bring some charm to Southern Charm. It all just happens to come from one secondary character, Michael The Butler. He sure does bring enough to make up for everyone else’s shit. We have Patricia Altschul to thank for bringing this man into our lives and onto our screens. Though I find the ringing bell to be a bit 17th century, I can appreciate the camp she’s trying to bring. Get yours, Pat.

Michael has been a fan favorite since his first appearance on screen. He’s just a total peach. He is always mixing up a drink, primping some floofy dog, or casually rubbing Cameran Eubanks‘ feet to induce labor. Of course, he and Cam have a special bond. She famously dressed her dog as Michael for Halloween a few years back. A true sign you’ve made it. There’s also the infamous scene of Michael driving through McDonald’s in a Bently. The man, the butler, the legend. Loving this guy is probably the one thing all Bravo fans can agree on.

Madison LeCroy

This season, Southern Charm gave viewers lessons on how to handle situations poorly. The show was a hotbed of controversy with people who don’t know how to conduct themselves in polite society. Thank goodness Shep Rose wrote a book to provide guidelines we should all be following to achieve success. And if you believe that, Pat Altschul has a lovely Ravenel bridge she would like to sell you. Fans went on a whirlwind journey dealing with a multitude of sensitive topics.

At least we were finally introduced to new faces. Successful business owner Leva Bonaparte. Potato chip guy John Pringle and his beard. And Madison LeCroy – hairstylist, Austen Kroll handler, and mom of one came on board full time. ‘Ol Mads has been in the media a lot lately, perhaps you have read about her entanglement with several men of an athletic nature. You might be under the impression Madison thinks very highly of herself, and that might actually be true – but it took some nips and tucks to get there.