Karen Huger On Gizelle Bryant: “Is There No Level Of LOW This Woman Will Take Herself To?”

Karen Huger has a way of maintaining a safe distance from the melee while remaining the center of attention.  The Real Housewives of Potomac really can’t get enough of the Grande Dame.  Or perhaps it’s Gizelle Bryant’s fixation that the other ladies piggyback on.

Karen was right to keep her guard up.  Though Gizelle backed down from a larger confrontation at lunch, she brought her passive aggressive self into Karen’s Instagram Live.  Gizelle certainly loves an audience.

Karen discussed her feelings concerning Gizelle in her Bravo blog this week.  Of course, she had to differentiate between Gizelle’s goading at lunchtime and her stalking Karen into cyberspace.

First Karen shared her thoughts on the first incident, “I am barely over Gizelle’s passive aggressive ehavior at the dinner discussing my business and friendship.  Let me say this again, I came to the Ubiquitous Women’s Expo to be supportive and I appreciated being introduced to someone who has helped Gizelle; however, I was already locked and loaded with my business plan for my fragrance so honestly I was chatting and sharing some newly decided directions and Gizelle was included in our conversation.”

Karen continued, “for her to feel upset she wasn’t ‘in the know’ or that I didn’t share information with her at my house about my business decisions is ridiculous, maybe she will be upset next because I didn’t tell her that I am moving back to Potomac!!”  That’s a brilliant little jab.  Karen really has a talent for those.

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Then Karen addresses the Instagram Live showdown.  She was shocked at how quickly Gizelle seemed to support her choices, then question them.  Karen said, “anyhoo..when I gave my regrets about not wanting to go to the bar with the ladies that evening, all the ladies were supportive and understanding.  Only to find out that later that evening, in the hotel lobby Gizelle was acting a fool once again.”

These two will never make progress on their relationship until they agree on what it means to be a friend.  Karen spells out her expectations very clearly.  She explained, “how dare this woman question how or when I choose to acknowledge the loss of my parents.  Is there no level of LOW this woman will take herself to?  A FRIEND would have been supportive, happy I was comfortable in my room.  A FRIEND would have been understanding that I didn’t want to ‘rip it up with drinks and shots’ as that was not what I could do at this time and all the women said they understood.  Remember, I just buried my dad two months prior…a FRIEND would have done many thoughtful things…a FRIEND would NOT have made fun and taunt someone who was grieving.”

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Karen then takes it to a higher level, “and this woman is saying she wants to be my FRIEND?  HA! HA!  Really?!  I am actually disappointed in her, she’s better than that.  Maybe when she reflects she will see what kind of UNGOLDY person she has become!!  I will continue to pray for her.”

Will Gizelle follow Karen to the metaphysical and deliver one of her stingers?

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