Ashley Jacobs Says Craig Conover Is A “P*ssy” For Sewing

I always wonder who pays for reality TV stars to make personalized videos. Shockingly, I never have, even with my reality TV obsession. However, one guy asked Ashley Jacobs to record a birthday video for his girlfriend and she was truly unhinged. Were the actual Southern Charm cast members unavailable?

Did they come with a much higher rate? Why Ashley? Well, she certainly delivered. Ashley did more than just wish a stranger “happy birthday.” She made fun of Craig Conover for sewing. She also mentioned Kathryn Dennis and Patricia Altschul like she always does.

This woman’s boyfriend shared Ashley’s video message on Reddit. At the start, she said, “My name is Ashley. You might recognize me from a little show on Bravo called Southern Charm.” Fair enough. That was the only normal part of the video.

Then she said, “You might recognize me as the ‘infamous villain.’ Roar. The psychotic, gold digging, ‘you’re nothing but an egg donor,’ shut your mouth, hair-flipping, bitch. I’m actually worse.” OK, that was pretty funny. It was just tough to tell if she was being sarcastic or not.

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Then, she just had to mention Kathryn. Ashley said, “He says you’re huge fans of Southern Charm. I don’t know if you’re a huge fan of mine, but you’re a huge fan of Southern Charm and I like you already. Just as long as you’re not a fan of Kathryn, we’re good. Are you a fan of Kathryn? Because if you are, we are going to turn this thing off.” Spoiler alert: she did not turn that thing off.

Out of nowhere, she went in on Craig. Ashley said, “How do I feel about men that sew? Pussies. Pussy. That’s how I feel about Craig. Yeah. Do not show this to anyone. This could go viral if you have me calling Craig a pussy. I’m just kidding.” Oh, please. That’s exactly what Ashley wanted: for this video to go viral so she could get her name in another headline. But, here I am writing this. The video was such a trainwreck and must-watch. Once again, here’s the link.


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Ashley warned, “There’s more to come of me, you guys. They have me going after Patricia. That old broad.” Who is “they”?

Ashley continued, “What can I say? I’m just a glutton for punishment. I didn’t learn the first time going after Kathryn. So now, I’m going after Patricia.” Anything to stay somewhat relevant, right?

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Ashley admitted, “I guess I like to stir the pot a little. What can I say? Yes, you’re going to see some more of me in the last couple episodes.” Of course. This show (and reality TV in general) thrives with a villain.

She also mentioned that she is thirty-five years old and still has “no ring on this finger,” pointing to her ring finger. Then, Ashley remarked, “Damn it, Thomas [Ravenel]. Thomas and I are still friends.” Girl, why? Does she not read the news? He is the one ex no one should be amicable with.

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