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Ashley Jacobs Claims She Was Depressed During Her Relationship With Thomas Ravenel

Without deep-diving into the psychology of it all (which, btw, I’m completely unqualified to do – I took, like, one psychology class in college), Thomas Ravenel, formerly of Southern Charm, is basically the poster child for “what happens when your child grows up in a wealthy and influential family in a town that is built on wealth and influence.”

First of all, Thomas was sentenced for federal cocaine distribution charges while he was the state treasurer of South Carolina.  Let that sink in – dude was a government official having cocaine parties in his home.  And thought he could get away with it.  That’s a special kind of narcissism.  He knocked up Kathryn Dennis, a woman 30 years his junior.  Twice.  He has been accused of sexual deviance and assault by multiple women.  Again: the guy had babies with a woman who is an entire Jonas brother younger than him.  I believe that my one psychology class 10 years ago (OK, 20) qualifies me to diagnose him with some major sexual control issues.    

Last season, Ashley Jacobs burst onto our screens as Thomas’ new girlfriend.  US Weekly reports that Ashley was depressed and “in a dark place” while dating the erstwhile government official.

Girl, just seeing him on my screen brings me to a “dark place,” so, I hear ya.

When women in the South want to talk crap about each other, we don’t say stuff like “she looks fat in that.”  We do it more subtly.  Like, “bless her heart, I guess she just doesn’t know how to dress for her body type.”

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Therefore, I will not say that Ashley was a psycho who said horrible things every time she opened her mouth last season on Southern Charm.  But I will say:  bless her heart, I guess she forgot that there are some thoughts that should be private, and not shared on a nationally televised program.   Like remember when she called Kathryn an “egg donor” and not a mother?  Bless.  Her.  Heart.

According to US Weekly,  Ashley said that her relationship with Thomas was difficult because they are both horrible people she moved away from her friends and family to be with him, and she was lonely in Charleston.   In a pathetic attempt to explain away her vile behavior while on the show, Ashley explained that she was depressed throughout their relationship because her family disapproved of her move, and Thomas was her only support system.

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Wait, you mean to tell us that your family disapproved of the fact that you left your career to move half way across the country with a man embroiled in a vicious custody battle and several public scandals?  Aw, bless your heart.

Ashley also claims that the sexual assault allegations against Thomas were hard on her mental state.  Awwwww.  Poor pumpkin!  I wonder if those allegations were tougher on her, or the women who Thomas allegedly assaulted?

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According to US Weekly, Ashley hopes her televised disaster of a dating history does not prevent her from one day becoming an egg donor a mother herself.  Bless her heart.  I guess she doesn’t realize that her personality, not her tv appearance, will prevent her from landing a decent husband.


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