90 Day Fiance Before The 90 Days Recap: Pack Your Bags

On tonight’s episode of 90 Day Fiance Before The 90 Days, we catch up with bad decisions of the couple’s we met last week. But more importantly, Angela Deem IS Back in all her country bumpkin glory and asks her daughter for a shocking favor! Avery has a major setback on her way to Lebanon. Caesar is still trying to convince his catfish Maria to go to Mexico.  Darcey sees some red flags in her new relationship. This 90 Day Fiance Before The 90 Days episode is packed with cray and I am living for every moment. Take a sip of your petty juice and join me in breaking down this clownery.

Avery is headed to Lebanon to meet her boo Omar in just two days. In preparation, the teenager goes to the gym to do gymnastics and talk to her friends about her future plans. Her youth and naivety are obvious in this scene which seems more like High School Musical than an adult conversation. Avery admits that Omar and she argue about her past and the fact that she wasn’t always modest. Even now, Omar wants his future wife to be more modest. Girlllllll…. Where the hell is your mother or some crazy aunts and uncles to knock some sense in you? My mom would strap me down, before she would allow me to marry a stranger I never met from another country, especially at 19.

Avery, 19 (Ohio) and Omar, 24 (Syria)

90 Day Fiancé Before The 90 Days Recap: Pack Your Bags

Avery’s mother is excited to have her daughter wear the wedding dress she wore in her own wedding. The moment quickly turns sour when Avery reminds her mother that the dress would not be appropriate attire for a traditional Muslim wedding. I just find it very odd that her mother is even is okay with this marriage considering the circumstances. She doesn’t even know this man that she has been talking to on the internet.

90 Day Fiancé Before The 90 Days Recap: Pack Your Bags

90 Day Fiancé Before The 90 Days Recap: Pack Your Bags

The day has finally arrived that Avery and her mother will be traveling to Lebanon. I honestly think Avery is so married to the idea that she hasn’t even thought about the details. While checking in at the airport, Avery realizes that she left her phone in the car. Her mother takes this as a sign that it may be a bad idea.

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Really now, it’s the missing phone that made you realize this???????????? Naturally, her mother doesn’t want to leave the country without her daughter having a phone to contact her in case of an emergency. Well at least her motherly instincts have kicked in and she is putting her foot down with her daughter. I guess we will have to wait until next week’s 90 Day Fiance Before The 90 Days to see how this plays out.


90 Day Fiancé Before The 90 Days Recap: Pack Your Bags

Caesar calls Maria begging her to buy her ticket to Mexico after he sent her thousands of dollars. Maria is less than interested in the conversation and tries to act like it’s still too dangerous to fly. Caesar has done research and knows she is able to fly out of the country now. It’s obvious she is trying to formulate a way to get out of the dreaded first meeting. Maria reluctantly promises to buy a ticket later that night for their trip. Hmmm… I’ll believe it when I see it.

90 Day Fiancé Before The 90 Days Recap: Pack Your Bags

Caesar and his friend, Jeremy head to the jewelry store to look for an engagement ring. Jeremy and the rest of the world is worried that he is being taken advantage of by Maria. Caesar clearly doesn’t make a lot of money as a nail tech and can only afford a $200 fake diamond ring. Jeremy questions whether Maria is accepting money from other Americans, in front of the saleswoman.

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Even though she doesn’t believe that Caesar will get married to his sugar baby. SMH… I would feel bad for Caesar, but it’s hard when I saw 10 packs of edible panties in his suitcase in the season trailer. Maybe he doesn’t mind paying for his fetishes.


90 Day Fiancé Before The 90 Days Recap: Pack Your Bags

She’s Backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! You recognize Angela from watching her and Michael’s train wreck of a romance unfold during Season 2 of 90 Day Fiance Before The 90 Days. When we last left them, Angela was accusing Michael of stealing money from her bank account, so they never made it down the aisle. Michael returned to Nigeria, but Angela obviously wants that old thief thang back! She is willing to put her heart on the line and try again.

The two have made their engagement official, but Angela still has doubts about their future due to their past. Angela still plans to take a trip to Nigeria to see whether Michael can change his ways, or if she will be forced to call off their engagement.

90 Day Fiancé Before The 90 Days Recap: Pack Your Bags

90 Day Fiancé Before The 90 Days Recap: Pack Your Bags

Angela goes to look at wedding venues for her pending marriage. She speaks with a coordinator who looks like he just ate some possum pie. When she asks if they would be able to have African-style reception, the coordinator looks confused and tells her the most African they can get is barbecuing a goat.

He then estimates her dream wedding will cost anywhere from six to eight thousand dollars. I don’t think Angela could afford $800, let alone $8,000. She better get married in her backyard and call it day.

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90 Day Fiancé Before The 90 Days Recap: Pack Your Bags

90 Day Fiancé Before The 90 Days Recap: Pack Your Bags

Angela meets with her daughter for lunch to discuss her relationship with Michael. She is still extremely insecure about him having other women as his friends on social media. While eating, Angela drops a bomb on her daughter. She wants to have a baby with Michael.

Ummmm… What??? Angela wants her daughter’s eggs or for her to be their surrogate. The daughter is shocked, but says she will think about carrying the baby if she gets to the point of trusting him. I’m sorry, but I can’t see Angela pregnant screaming like a banshee.


90 Day Fiancé Before The 90 Days Recap: Pack Your Bags

Rebecca goes shopping for lingerie with her daughter to impress her boo on the trip. Her daughter is concerned that she isn’t conservative enough for her relationship with Zied. I’m more concerned that Zied will be shocked to see Rebecca without her ring light and filters. Ummm, honey nooooo. You look VERYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY different from your pictures. She may get her feelings hurt when Zied realizes she is a catfish. Wow, this woman is desperately seeking love. She breaks down in the dressing room thinking about the possibility of things not working out.

Rebecca packs her bags and a TON of makeup in order to leave for Tunisia for her 20 day trip. While in the car on the way to the airport, she can’t get in contact with Zied. Rebecca gets extremely frustrated when she realizes he is getting her texts, but refuses to respond. Nonetheless, she gets on the plane with the hopes that her love will meet her.

90 Day Fiancé Before The 90 Days Recap: Pack Your Bags

Meanwhile, Zied brags to 90 Day Fiance Before The 90 Days producers about how much he loves Rebecca’s pictures. When he talks to his family about her arrival, they remind him that they need to stay in separate hotel rooms. He meets with friends and shares his excitement about meeting with Rebecca and staying in one room.

Rebecca arrives at the airport and is frantically looking for her man. Zied is there waiting sporting a t-shirt with her airbrushed photo on it.  Rebecca looks like the version of that woman, if she had been in jail for twenty years. Although, Zied admits she looks different, he still thinks she is beautiful. Girl…. You got lucky, I just knew he was going to be alarmed.


90 Day Fiancé Before The 90 Days Recap: Pack Your Bags

90 Day Fiancé Before The 90 Days Recap: Pack Your Bags

90 Day Fiance Before The 90 Days veteran Darcey Silva goes out for drinks with her twin sister, Stacey, and a friend. Of course, the conversation immediately goes to her ex-boyfriend, Jesse Meester. Stacey is concerned that Tom Brooks may not be as serious as Darcey about their relationship.

Stacey got engaged to her Albanian fiancé on her first trip there. I don’t know if that makes her fiancé more serious or just  eager come to America. Darcey video calls Tom and her friend immediately begins flirting with him. She even dares to show her cleavage at his request.

With friends like these, who needs enemies? If my boyfriend and friend blatantly flirted with each other, in front of me …. God help them both.  Darcey plays it cool with Tom, but gets upset with her friend once she ends the call. The friend immediately shirks off Darcey’s reprimand as if she hasn’t done anything inappropriate. Darcey, between his comments about you brushing your teeth before you see him and now the blatant flirting, it’s not looking good sis.

90 Day Fiancé Before The 90 Days Recap: Pack Your Bags

Darcey packs for her trip and vents to her sister about Tom flirting with her friend. Chile, please! Her friend probably found him on social media later that night. Darcey admits that she and Tom argued that night when she confronted him about his behavior. He basically told her he can do whatever he wants.

She apologized later in order to smooth things over. I guess  old toxic behaviors, die hard. Why the hell would she need to apologize? For some reason, Jesse called Darcey and she ignored his call. Ummm hmmm, sure you did.

Darcey bids her daughters goodbye while she chases another doomed relationship.  I hate that she doesn’t see how her highs and lows affect her children. I don’t think Tom is a prize, so I hope Darcey’s daughters won’t meet him for quite some time. Darcey is gallivanting around the airport like she is teeny bopper about to meet her first boyfriend. Girllllll… you are too old for all this foolishness! Hopefully, she packed a travel toothbrush, just in case Tom graces her with his presence.


90 Day Fiancé Before The 90 Days Recap: Pack Your Bags

Timothy’s ex, Veronica, throws him a going away party before he leaves for South America. He shows pictures to his friends and ex, only for them to judge every aspect of her appearance. When Timothy states that he needs to send Jeniffer pictures of the event Veronica immediately jumps in his lap for a selfie. She even bullies him into sending the picture claiming he shouldn’t hide who they are.

OK, is this guy NUTS. Why the hell would you send a picture with you and your ex cozied up together? Veronica clearly wanted to stir the pot and make Jeniffer jealous and Timothy was dumb enough to oblige.

In an act of sheer sabotage good faith, Veronica gives Timothy the ring he proposed to her with, for Jeniffer. Do adults that are this stupid really exist or is this a joke? Does Timothy really think a selfie with his ex and a recycled ring is going to go over well??????? The answer is no! Jeniffer immediately begins to ignore Timothy once she received that picture. Veronica is no amateur! She is making sure that no woman interrupts the financial and emotional support that she and her daughter currently enjoy.

Timothy is headed to South America armed with lots of gifts for Jeniffer and her daughter. Of course, Veronica takes him to the airport. On the ride she is adamant that Timothy doesn’t need a new family, he has her and her daughter. I don’t see Jeniffer being accepting of Veronica butting into their lives.  No woman wants another woman to have power over her man. This love triangle isn’t going to end well.


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