Darcey Silva Introduces New Boyfriend Who Will Appear With Her On 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days

She’s back in a big way! Darcey Silva will be gracing our screens again in the new 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days.  The last time Darcey participated in the show, she was in a relationship with Netherlands native Jesse Meester.  Their scenes together were uncomfortable and unwatchable- at best.  She was begging for love while he nit-picked her table manners, including the correct way to eat pizza and cut steak.

At their worst, a shoe was allegedly lobbed at Jesse’s head and the police were called.  So despite consumers love for reality TV drama, everyone breathed a sigh of relief when this relationship fizzled out.  It was too much of a toxic medley.  So who will be Darcey’s new most important accessory?

Before Darcey spills the beans, she first reflected on her relationship with JesseIn an article by PEOPLE, Darcy said, “my past relationship was toxic.  I learned about what I want in a relationship.  I really dug in deep to love myself and I know that I deserve so much more.  A lot of things that Jesse was saying in the media, creating false accusations and lies, I don’t fall for that.  I know there’ll be haters. But I’m a strong, woke woman. I’m a single mom, and I hold the fort down so there’s no shame in my game.”

Darcey is now dating Tom Brooks.  He is British and closer to her in age and values.  At 39, Tom is an accomplished professional with a background in marketing.

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Darcey and Tom share a video chat in a sneak-peak for the new season.  They discuss their long-term friendship and how they were finally both available to date each other.  Darcey even describes Tom as her being her “rock” when her relationship with Jesse ended.  Tom said, “when I met you, I was with someone else I was madly in love.  It didn’t work out, and then when the time came around, you were with some 25-year-old wanna be.”

The Connecticut native replied, “I feel in my heart and my soul that I’m not ever going to get in a situation with what I dealt with before because he [Jesse] was so mean.  I just really wish I didn’t have to go through what I had to go through.”

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“I don’t really look at age within relationships,” Darcey continued, “but I’ve always dated a bit younger than me in general.  Tom understands my lifestyle.  He’s a great family man, and just understood all that.  He has the right mindset.  We just have this amazing bond that I knew it was something worth pursuing.”

Darcey and Jesse’s interactions onscreen usually ended in tension and tears.  Darcey often felt belittled.  Now it’s quite different.  Darcey shared her feelings about the relationship, “when I looked into his eyes, I just knew.  I felt safe and protected.  He just treated me with respect and like a princess.  I felt more of a woman.  It was a very beautiful, heartwarming feeling.  He’s got this wonderful softness about him that I love.  We learn a lot from each other.  We don’t take anything away from each other’s personality, like, there’s something that we could add to each other in the relationship, so it’s been beautiful.”

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Most importantly, Tom has gotten the seal of approval from Darcey’s daughters.  Aniko and Aspen were present for that disastrous dinner of questionable steak-cutting.  Darcey said, “they got to see us together and they saw me smile, and as long as I’m happy, they’re happy. They got along great with him. They knew mommy was in good hands.”

Darcey hopes that her fun-loving personality will come through on camera this time.  She said, “hopefully people will see the real strength about me and that I don’t give up on life.  I’ll find my soulmate and no one is going to stop me.”

Catch the new season of Before the 90 Days on Sundays at 8 pm.


[Photo Credit: TLC]