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Below Deck Mediterranean Star Aesha Scott Dishes On Tension With Joao Franco

Aesha Scott may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but at least she’s a nice person. Sure, there are a ton of dirty jokes and way too many TMI-filled stories, but she at least seems pleasant to work with, unlike some other Below Deck Mediterranean crew members.

Joao Franco claimed that he was changed person after all of his Season 3 drama, but that change was very short-lived. Drunk Joao had the nerve to slut shame Aesha for dancing with Jack Stirrup in the club. Meanwhile, he was probably just left out because none of the female cast members showed an interest in dancing with him.

Aesha talked about her fun times with Joao during an interview for Bravo’s The Daily Dish podcast. When she was asked if there was anything or anyone that annoyed her, Aesha admitted, “The only that really annoyed was the little ‘tension,’ shall I say, that I had with Joao. But, other than that, everything was absolutely fine.”

Other than being a bit eccentric, there was really no reason to have issues with Aesha. She had a positive attitude. She did well at her job. That was not the case with some others in the cast.

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Aesha has actually never watched any Below Deck shows until after she filmed Season 4. When she was asked if she saw any differences between Season 3 Joao and Season 4 Joao, Aesha immediately said “No.” Duh.

She continued, “I know, he’s trying, but he’s made comments one too many times to say ‘yes.'”

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Aesha also said, “It started in the crew mess one day when he said ‘You claim to have a double science degree, but I haven’t heard one smart thing come out of your mouth.’ I was like, excuse me. I don’t need to prove my intelligence to anyone. I am very smart.” Wow. Who asked for your opinion, Joao?

Aesha remarked, “From then on, he just let it [be] known that I was being very judged every time I said something.” We see it too, Aesha. It’s not just you who recognizes this.

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Obviously, she’s not talking with Joao post-season, but she did share, “everyone else I’ve kept in touch with.” I can’t blame her for that one.

Aesha recalled, “We were in LA at the same time couple weeks ago. I was trying to be the bigger person, bite my tongue, and that sort of thing, but then the episode came out where he called me ‘whore’ish.'” Good riddance. No need for a friend like that.


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