Madison LeCroy Shares The 1 Thing Shep Rose Would Have To Do To Hang With Her

As much as Shep Rose can’t stand being around Madison LeCroy, his adamant objections have pretty much guaranteed that he will be around her even more. His very vocal opinions have not done much to sway her on-again-off-again boyfriend Austen Kroll.

However, the tension between Shep and Madison means that it is very likely that she will be around for another season of Southern Charm. She contributed a lot more to the last season than most of the full-time cast members. If Shep managed to ignore her or just rein in his emotions, Madison would not have made as big of a splash that she did. Since Shep and Madison will (probably) have to hang out in the near future, Madison weighed in on what he would have to do for her to enjoy the experience.

In an interview for the Southern Charm After Show, Madison admitted “I regret apologizing to him,” which is truthfully childish. She claimed that Shep gave Danni Baird a sexually transmitted disease while filming a super popular reality TV show. As terrible as Shep’s behavior has been, Madison definitely owed an apology to both Shep and Danni.

Madison continued, “How do I feel about Shep now? You know, even though he’s a total dick, I actually think he’s funny.”

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Nevertheless, she’s not exactly jumping to hang out with him. However, she would if he did this one thing. Madison shared, “If he could eat a gummy and be around me, I’m down for that. I mean, I don’t want to say he’s gotta be high, but I definitely don’t want to hang out with Shep drunk. I get why Austen hangs out with him.” The contractual obligations of filming a reality TV show together, perhaps. Why does Austen hang out with Shep? It rarely seems to go well.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]