Deavan Clegg 90 day fiance the other way

It’s been tough watching Deavan Clegg on 90 Day Fiance The Other Way. The 22-year-old single mother got pregnant shortly after meeting Jihoon Lee. They ended up with an instant family and the opportunity to take part in reality TV. While I’m sure they were excited about the other (i.e. the potential Instagram money), the former involves a lot of stress and work.

Fans have watched Deavan and Jihoon struggle with their lack of funds and her move to South Korea. They were supposed to live in their own home, but instead they moved into his parents’ place, where Jihoon has to sleep on the floor. Hopefully, the family of four has moved into their own place by now. Especially since they are about to become a family of five. Life moves fast, huh?

Reality TV World reported Deavan’s pregnancy after screenshots from posts in a private Facebook group went public.

In the post, Deavan wrote, “So I am currently pregnant and do not have health insurance in Korea and I don’t know where to start or what to do.” Deavan gave birth to her son in America in April. Then, they waited a few weeks before moving to South Korea.

Deavan shared, “I just found out my insurance is not international.” Ummm duh.

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Deavan admitted, “I’m also unaware of how much it would cost to have a child here. And I’m starting to think I should go back to my home country because of this.” Oh, boy. The word “unprepared” would be a significant understatement here.

Deavan shared that information with people in a group that she’s posted in before. She did not expect the information to go public, which she addressed in a recent Instagram story.

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Deavan told her Instagram followers, “I was in a private Facebook group that is based in Korea with only Korean based people so it’s sad to see my personal stuff being leaked when it’s a group I went to for advice on life in Korea. Just shows you can’t even trust people even if it’s not even in your home country.” What does that last part mean? News flash: there are people that you can’t trust in pretty much every country. There are shady characters everywhere, girl.

Deavan added, “Please out of respect stop messaging me and asking me I’m not going to speak about it. I trusted this group and it was my safe place for a long time.”

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The reality star revealed, “I need time and I haven’t even told family because of how early it is so stop messaging me about this topic #90dayfiance #90dayfiancetheotherway.”

Obviously, this was Deavan’s private business. No one should have leaked the news, but if she truly wanted privacy 1. going on a reality show and 2. posting in a Facebook group full of strangers are not the way to achieve that.

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