90 Day Fiance The Other Way Star Tiffany Franco Reacts To Mixed Response From Fans

90 Day Fiance The Other Way has become a hit as the new addition to the franchise. Its got an irresistible formula of following an American overseas in the pursuit of love. The show has produced some interesting couples during its first season. 90 Day Fiance clearly follows trends when casting. There are the typical duos that are decades apart in age and serve for some great comedic interlude.

Then there’s at least one believable pair that fans can actually root for. For this season, that may be Ronald Smith and Tiffany Franco.  Although, his gambling addiction and criminal record do make you wonder why Tiffany is even considering going all in.  Tiffany flew to South Africa with her son, Daniel, to bring Ronald home from a rehab clinic.  Isn’t love grand?

The Maryland native recently spoke with Fox News about being on the show, handling fame, and her family’s reaction to Ronald.  Most importantly, Tiffany wants to establish that she’s, “not ashamed” of her relationship.  She described her rationale for signing up for the show, “it took me a while to make the decision to say ‘yes.’  I wanted to challenge the mentality that people who have a past are not worthy of love.”

Tiffany certainly had some challenging discussions with her family about Ronald.  She eased them into the news, “when I told my family about the guy I met on vacation who stole my heart they thought it would be a fling or eventually it would die out.  When it didn’t die out, they were all very supportive but did remind me that it was going to very difficult to be with someone who lives so far.”

Once it became apparent that Ronald’s criminal history would prevent him from obtaining a visa for the USA, Tiffany decided that she needed to move to South Africa, “when I mentioned I might be leaving, there were absolutely not having it-especially after I told them why me moving overseas would even be an option.”

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Finally, Tiffany revealed that she would be sharing her story on reality TV.  She said, “when I told them that all of this that was going on was also going to be filmed for reality TV, they were supportive but also said with that, ‘we hope you know what you’re doing as much as you say you do.'”

Tiffany seems likable enough but she was asked what kind of feedback she’s gotten from 90 Day Fiance fans.  Tiffany responded, “I have a lot of mixed feedback. I have a lot of people who are really worried for my well-being as well as my son’s. I have people who are completely supportive, that see how big my heart is but also see that I am not blinded by love. And just plain trolls, of course.”

Fans know that 90 Day Fiance alums interact on social media.  It’s become quite the support group now and Tiffany was asked if any veterans offered her advice. She said, “they are very kind and speak from experience. It’s very comforting, being someone who is new to all this to have someone tell you what to expect and how to learn from mistakes they might have made in the past. I am extremely grateful for their solid advice. Most of the advice is ‘ignore the trolls!’ You can’t please everyone and you don’t need to.”

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Tiffany was asked if she is a fan of the show. Tiffany admitted to catching a stray episode but once she signed on she, “pretty much binge-watched all of the season and I definitely don’t regret it! So juicy!”

It’s early in the season, but the stage is set for Tiffany and Ronald where their relationship can go really well or completely downhill.  Stay tuned!

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