Real Housewives Of Orange County Star Gina Kirschenheiter Says That Braunwyn Windham-Burke “Is Out Of Her Mind”

Real Housewives of Orange County star Gina Kirschenheiter has been making headlines since she came on the show. Unfortunately, they aren’t the good kind. On February 1, Gina was arrested for a DUI.

Her divorce from her ex, Matt Kirschenheiter, will be finalized on December 31. This season, RHOC viewers also saw Gina confess to her supposed bestie, Emily Simpson, that Matt had cheated on her.  Gina also alleged that Matt physically assaulted her.

There have also been some arguments between Gina and Emily this season, and it was painful to watch. It looked like Gina had decided to hang out with the “mean girl” clique of Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador, instead of Emily.

Gina also made up her mind about newbie Housewife, and mother of seven kids, Braunwyn Windham-Burke. In an interview with HollywoodLife, Gina revealed that Braunwyn is a good fit for RHOC. “Oh yeah. I mean I think she’s great for the cast. She’s out of her mind. I think it’s good for the cast,” Gina said. “I think she probably definitely represents a certain population of people that are really here in Orange County, so that’s interesting and cool, and she’s different.”

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But Gina isn’t sure that she and Braunwyn are destined to be best friends. Gina stated, “On a personal level, we don’t really, it’s not an easy fit between the two of us. I don’t see that really as a problem because you’re just, you’re not going to click with everybody.”

The RHOC episode that featured Shannon’s 55th birthday celebration also showed an epic make-out marathon between Tamra and Braunwyn. In fact, multiple drunken make-outs culminated in Braunwyn straddling Tamra in a booth at a club. Braunwyn claimed that she didn’t know that the racy, and handsy, encounter in the banquette was caught on camera. Sure, Braunwyn.

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(Note: There is some rough grammar ahead.) “You could see my face when it was going down. I’m just like, ‘I want no part in it,’” Gina told HollywoodLife. “I know Tamra’s really embarrassed by it. The thing is Tamra’s not really a big drinker. When she does drink she just gets completely sh*t. So it’s a problem for her, in that aspect of it.” I don’t think that Tamra was embarrassed. I think she was thrilled that she had more camera time so she could try to hold on to her full-time Housewives position.

Gina added, “Braunwyn, I don’t know. I mean I wouldn’t personally do it, I think it kind of comes off like she tries a little, like she’s trying a little too hard, but I also do think she’s attracted to women, so I don’t know.”

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When a naked Braunwyn and Tamra joined a shocked Emily and Gina in the hot tub during the wellness retreat, it was hilarious. Then Braunwyn shared that for milestone birthdays, she and her husband Sean Burke have a threesome. Gina and Emily were stunned. It boils down to Braunwyn having sexy time with another female while Sean is there. Of course, Braunwyn is attracted to Tamra and wishes that Tamra could be the third participant in their threesome.

After the trip, Braunwyn told her husband that Tamra and Eddie Judge also have threesomes. Tamra took to Twitter clarify the situation. “That’s not what I told her. We do NOT have threesomes! Just one crazy fun night a few years ago. #oneanddone” Tamra wrote.

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Poor Braunwyn! Even though Tamra would be disqualified for a threesome with the Burkes because she is a friend, Braunwyn isn’t able to keep her lips to herself. Only time will tell how viewers feel about the new Housewife’s over-the-top antics with Tamra.


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