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Nick Jonas Says Jonas Brothers Would Split If The Family Did Another Reality Show

I cannot help wondering what it’s like at a Jonas family gathering. There are just so many celebrities in one family. I wish I could attend Thanksgiving dinner just to observe. Nick Jonas is married to Priyanka Chopra. Joe Jonas recently tied the knot with Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner. Kevin Jonas has been with his wife Danielle Jonas forever. I just would love to see them all interacting.

Yes, it’s fun to see them dancing it up in the audience during award shows. And I love it when the Jonas family members post photos and videos on Instagram. However, I want more. I would love it if there was a Jonas Brothers reality TV show.

American Idol OG Kelly Clarkson brought this up when she interviewed Nick on her new talk show. According to an article from E! News, Kelly told Nick, “I will say, you have, like, the most famous family ever.” The Jonas Brothers and the Kardashian/Jenner crew. But, the latter already has a reality TV dynasty.

At another point in the interview, Kelly said, “Y’all should have—you shouldn’t, but you should—have a reality show.” Then she said exactly what I’ve been thinking for months: “I just want to see it. I want to watch the dynamic of all those famous people in one family.” Preach, girl.

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Unfortunately for me, Nick responded, “I think the band might break up again if we had a reality show.” Well, on second thought, I do not want a Jonas Brothers reality TV show if that means that the band would break up again. I am all about the Jonas Brothers resurgence.

Still, I did enjoy Kevin and Danielle’s short-lived show Married to Jonas, which aired during the band’s hiatus. Not much happened, but they do have a cute family that was nice to watch. At least, Nick will be a judge on The Voice next season. It’s not exactly the kind of content I want, but I’ll take any Jonas-adjacent programming.

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I cannot help picturing their reality show: the three of them arguing about who would stand in the middle during promotional photo shoots. I just picture them all talking over each other constantly, well, at least Nick and Joe. I envision Kevin as the voice of reason. And what about Frankie Jonas? What’s going on with him? Does he ever feel left out being the only sibling who isn’t a part of the group? I feel like there’s so much potential for premium content.


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