Scheana Marie Shay Appeared In A Jonas Brothers Music Video Back In The Day

When Vanderpump Rules first started, the show’s premise centered around waiters and bartenders who worked at SUR restaurant while striving for careers in the entertainment industry. So, it makes sense that the cast members would have some interesting acting and modeling gigs in the past, and it was recently revealed that Scheana Shay appeared in a Jonas Brothers music video.

I am living for this revelation and you bet that I did a Google search to watch this video again. I love it. And now I’m wondering if Scheana is still in touch with any of the Jonas Brothers – that would be my fan girl dream come true.


Sorry for revealing old news. I’m gonna feel pretty dumb if this was already a thing that everyone knew about, but I can’t be the only one who was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled upon a retweet from Scheana that included a screen shot from the Jonas Brothers music video for the song “I Fell In Love With The Pizza Girl.”

It does not get much better than that. Scheana was a part of the scene before they – kind of, sort of – branched out with a more mature sound. This was the beginning of that real Disney era Jonas sound and I absolutely love it.

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I mean, just look at that one screen shot of Scheana holding up a pizza pie with shrunken down Jonas Brothers on it.  will never get over it. You have to watch this video of Scheana making a pizza while the Jo Bros run for their lives while singing about their love for her.

A fan tweeted Scheana to clarify that it actually was her in the video and not some look-alike and Scheana asking, “You were in a Jonas brothers music video?! WHAT?!!!? When was this?” and Scheana responded, “Hahaha! Like 2008!”

Now I just want Scheana to reunite with Nick Jonas or the Joe Jonas-fronted group DNCE for a music video sequel- especially now that she’s a single lady. It would be great.


[Photo Credit: Twitter]