90 Day Fiance: Paul Staehle Says Karine Staehle Started Divorce Proceedings In Brazil

Paul Staehle and his wife Karine Staehle are the couple that dropped the word divorce many times in their tenure on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way It diluted the sting of it.  And if they didn’t split up after Karine watched Paul climb into a doghouse and start talking to himself, what could possibly tear these two apart?

Maybe it was living together long-term that did it.  After being apart off and on for many years, Paul was finally able to move his wife and their 7-month-old son Pierre Martins Staehle to the United States in June of this year.  But the supposed happiness of reuniting the family didn’t last long.

Both parties have been hinting at divorce for months.  According to an article from Us Weekly, it all started in September when Paul revealed that the couple has had issues.  He posted and deleted the following message on his Facebook, “Karine asked me to remove our photos.  And let everyone know that she doesn’t want me in her life.”

Paul continued in Portuguese, “divorce lawyer called me.”  How ironic that he and Karine were just starting to learn each other’s language.  The post concluded in English, “guess I need a lawyer.”

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Paul also revealed that Karine and his mother were at odds over how to care for Pierre.  Paul polled his Instagram followers earlier this month and wrote, “doing a poll strictly out of curiosity. For someone I know very well. Should a wife divorce her husband over his mother buying gifts daily spoiling their son? Should a grandmother be banned from seeing her grandchildren over spoiling them. And a husband be divorced for defending his mother’s actions?”

On November 8th, the couple’s apartment in Brazil was robbed.  Paul shared on social media that the burglars took, “everything of value.”  Karine added that everyone is, “fine, that’s what matters now.”

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This stressful incident may have further complicated matters between Paul and Karine.  On November 11th, Paul shared with his followers that, “Karine started divorce proceedings in Brazil.”  The Instagram story also showed a video of Pierre playing with toys.  Paul can be heard saying, “daddy’s gonna miss you.”


[Photo Credit: TLC]