90 Day Fiance Star Avery Mills Victim Of Islamophobic Comments At A Local Walmart

Avery Mills and husband Omar Albakour were featured on last season’s 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Day.  They were filmed meeting for the first time in Lebanon, and marrying there before Avery had to return to the US.  Omar and Avery quickly became fan favorites with their youthful and eager love for each other.

Part of Avery’s storyline was her recent conversion to Islam before meeting Omar online.  Avery was raised as a Christian but decided to convert at the age of 18.  Navigating the relationship with Omar was also a test of Avery’s resolve for her new religion.  One challenge fans got to witness was their marriage in Islamic court, where Avery was completely unaware of the procedures.  But despite a few hitches, Omar and Avery are very much committed to each other and their faith.

However, being a Muslim woman in America has also proved difficult at times.  Unfortunately, Avery recently experienced Islamophobia while shopping at Walmart.  Avery took to her Twitter to explain what happened.

Avery said, “I went to Walmart today and two workers were beside me, they began talking about how America isn’t how it used to be and how Trump needs to take out the trash and looked at me…”


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Avery conducted herself in a calm manner as the taunts persisted.  “I stayed out of it and continued shopping and they assumed I didn’t speak English,” she said, “and so they pointed at me and say do you think she can afford any of that and the other said maybe with her welfare check from our taxes.  I called them out for it and they tried to kiss my butt and they no longer have jobs. Trump didn’t need to take out the trash Bc I did.”

Since the incident occurred, the two employees in question have been fired from their jobs.  Avery said, “this happened to me at Walmart today, thankfully though those 2 people can’t do it to other people there. They are right America isn’t what it used to be you can’t blatantly be prejudice at work anymore. It’s funny now Bc they will be living off of welfare with MY tax dollars.”


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Walmart revealed that it is further investigating the incident.


[Photo Credit: TLC]