90 Day Fiance Star Colt Johnson Sold Larissa Dos Santos Lima’s Wedding Dress Online; Is Also Selling Their Wedding Invitations

90 Day Fiance episodes should be shown in premarital counseling sessions–as examples of what not to do when getting married. Although some couples go on to have happy marriages, many others do not. Case in point–Colt Johnson and Larissa Dos Santos Lima. Anyone could have seen the couple were ill-suited for each other, with different temperaments, personalities–and views of what role mother-in-law Debbie Johnson would play in their marriage.

The tempestuous lovebirds weathered Larissa’s domestic violence arrests, jealousy and Colt’s online flirting.  Inevitably, the couple called it quits. After their split, Colt and Larissa flaunted new relationships and tried to extend their 15 minutes of fame. Both seemed to enjoy taking post-split digs at each other, but they eventually came to an amicable divorce. And what does one do after a divorce? If you are Colt Johnson, you get rid of the evidence.

Colt now has a FanBound page, which is an online platform in which actors, reality stars and athletes can connect with their fans through different mediums. One of the services offered on the site is the option to list items for sale to fans. Kind of like a D-list celebrity garage sale.

Newly divorced Colt is offering up a variety of items for purchase and included Larissa’s Goodwill wedding dress in the mix. How did Larissa not get the gown in their divorce settlement? Maybe she thought it only had a nightmarish sentimental value–and did not realize the cash-out option for the dress.


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The dress is listed on Colt’s page with the descriptor, “Own a piece of television memorabilia, the one and only famous wedding dress worn by my ex wife. Finally, you can own a piece that is on par with Dorthys ruby slippers and back to the future delorean.”

The famous frock has already sold, unfortunately, for anyone who wanted to purchase it. According to TMZ, the dress was listed for $500. Darn–I know many of us wanted a chance to buy that historical treasure! That’s the bad news.


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The good news is that you still have plenty of other opportunities to purchase from the Colt-ee smorgasbord of items up for grabs on his page. So, you didn’t get the wedding dress…but you can still pick up a Colt-Larissa wedding invitation for $75. Tell all your family and friends you attended the wedding of the century–and have the proof! In the item description, Colt states: “Larissa and I had these made before our wedding and we never mailed them. Limited supply.” Snap them up before they disappear!

Do invites feel a little impersonal? Well, you can connect with Colt on a more intimate level if you wish. For $40, Mr. Johnson will record an audio message for you. He teases this offering by stating, “Hello darlins, I will record you an audio clip with whatever your little hearts desire.” It sounds naughty–and wrong–on so many levels. Proceed at your own risk.


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For those willing to fork out a little more cash, Colt will make you a customized video shout out for $50. Or, for that hard to buy for person on your list, a short phone call can be arranged for $100. Why battle crowds at the mall when you can one-stop-shop at the online Mall of Colt?

If you are an art lover, there are a range of shopping options. A signed postcard of Colt’s artwork can be had for a mere $25. How about the custom digitalization drawing for $250? So many choices.


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Are you a fan on a tight budget? No worries–you can send Colt a message for $4.99. Or have him answer a question for the same $4.99 price, which seems like a bargain considering an iced mocha can cost you more.

You have to wonder how much money people really make on these sites, but hey, everyone has to turn a buck. If someone can rustle up some cold, hard cash through self-promotion and making a few fans happy, more power to them.


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