Meghan Edmonds

Once again, I have to (selfishly) say that I wish Meghan Edmonds was half this interesting when she was a cast member on Real Housewives of Orange County. Her divorce from Jim Edmonds gets uglier by the day.

But, back in the day, we had to sit through some pretty boring stuff, like candle launch parties, a baby crying in Iceland, Meghan’s search for relatives in Ireland. Total snooze. In the present day, Meghan is spilling some major tea about their nasty split.

During an interview for Heather McDonald’s Juicy Scoop podcast, Meghan shared, “You guys found out the same day I did that we were breaking up. I found out because a tabloid printed an article that Jim had filed for divorce.” Yep, that’s right. She had no idea he filed until she read about it in the news. However, it couldn’t have been that shocking. They were recovering from that sexting scandal and Meghan had suspicions Jim was having an affair with their nanny Carly Wilson.

Meghan reflected, “It all happened very quickly.” Heather asked, “Did he like take a bag? Was he not in the house when he did this?”
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Meghan recalled, “There was a contentious argument that morning with the nanny, who I suspected Jim [of] having an inappropriate relationship with. She left and I got scared of Jim, that he was gonna become physical with me. He was very upset. I called the police. The police came and it was at that point that he literally packed a bag and left. He packed up his hard drive from the computer, the credit card out of my wallet. Everything.” Damn, he took the credit card? (allegedly).
Meghan claimed, “He wanted to make sure I had no access to his money, so I didn’t, even though he left me with our three children.”
She also alleged that Jim, “rummaged through my purse while I was upstairs hiding from him with my mom and dad, took the credit card out of my wallet. Then, [he] made sure to disconnect his hard drive from his computer and take that with him as well. And, this is really the clincher right here. Our five-year anniversary was the day before and he got me a pair of Chanel boots that I wanted, that I tried on in the store and put on hold and a pair of jeans. He took those too. He took my gifts for the anniversary.” I just want to know what it was like the night before when they attempted to celebrate their wedding anniversary. I have a feeling that “tense” and “awkward” are not descriptive enough adjectives.
She figured out the credit card was missing “right away, when I went to go get gas or something.” Wow.
[Photo Credit: Bravo]