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Below Deck Alum Adrienne Gang Says Kate Chastain Is A Bully

Kate Chastain has been a mainstay on Below Deck for six seasons, but she wasn’t the show’s original chief stew. Longtime fans remember that Adrienne Gang was actually the first chief stew on the show.

She is not a fan of Kate’s, and without any context, it’s logical to assume that she might be upset that Kate has held onto this gig for so long. Well, then again, she’s not the only Below Deck crew member (past or present) that has issues with Kate.

Adrienne tweeted, “It took 6 seasons, but the crew AND the guests are finally seeing what a bully Kate really is. #AboutFuckingTime @SimoneMashile you clearly shine on this charter and you deserve all the praise these guests give you.” Well, Simone Mashile has come a long way. She couldn’t open a bottle of wine, cut a fruit, or make drinks composed of two ingredients.

A fan told Adrienne, “Y’all are both just pressed because you and Simone are awful. Hating on another woman out of jealousy is so petty. Grow up.” In response, Adrienne said, “Umm… Kate is the petty one. 6 seasons of evidence there…”


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Adrienne also posted Kate’s mugshot.

In another tweet, Adrienne said, “Finally watching #BelowDeck in real time… this looks like it will be getting a LOT more interesting. LOVE these charter guests. Not to mention that they are calling Kate out for her cold-shoulder treatment of them…”


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Adrienne posted an article titled “Below Deck’s Kate Chastain takes down everybody on the boat, one crew member at a time” and wrote that it was a “must read.”

At another point, Adrienne tweeted, “@SimoneMashile you were undervalued this season. Glad everyone got to see you in the spotlight.” Was she though? What exactly did Simone bring to the table?


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I’m in the minority here, but I can see why some of the crew members have issues with Kate. However, it’s so hard to focus on those issues when Ashton Pienaar is forcing his tongue down her throat, Kevin Dobson kicks sand her face, Brian de Saint Pern curses her out for calling him a “yachtie,” and Tanner Sterback talks shit about her while trying to hook up with her.


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