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Below Deck Star Kate Chastain Explains Why She’d Rather Work With Chef Leon Walker Over Kevin Dobson

Kate Chastain has been on Below Deck so long now, that she can comment on the ghosts of seasons past.  It’s been a bumpy road for sure between some of the stews she’s had to deal with, not to mention chefs.  Adrian Martin was a gem and though Ben Robinson flustered in the galley on a regular basis, he and Kate had a rapport for sure.

This season, Kevin Dobson has been making life hell for not only Kate, but her interior team as well as deck hand Rhylee Gerber.  There’s plenty of snark to go around.  And unlike the incident where he was a plate short and couldn’t serve Captain Lee Rosbach, there are enough helpings for everyone.

Kate is a regular on Watch What Happens Live, and she made anther appearance this week alongside Rhylee.  When asked if she preferred to work another season with Kevin or galley alum, Leon Walker from Season 3, Kate gave a surprising answer.  Leon’s tenure on board was short-lived and stank of seething aggression.  Captain Lee terminated him after he started a grease fire in the galley.

Kate said, “Honestly, Leon. Cuz he didn’t speak very much at all, which was better than Kevin speaking so much.  He says I don’t have foodie taste but he makes chicken parm.”


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Andy Cohen and Kate snarked that chicken parm might not be the best choice for a meal on a luxury yacht.  How about beef cheek’s?  How about beef cheek’s served for each charter’s main course?  At least Kevin is trying for variety.

Andy suggested that there was some sexual tension between Kate and Kevin, a la the flirtatious bantering of Ben.  Kate denied it very enthusiastically.  She said, “I think it’s definitely not for me and I’m pretty sure it’s definitely not for Kevin.  I just don’t think that either of us want to even be around each other.”


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Kate and Kevin can put their differences aside and function well while on charter.  Leon skulked around and only left a favorable impression on bohemian spirit Rocky Dakota Did Kate forget that he dumped honey all over her bunk when he was fired?


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]