Love Is Blind’s Lauren Speed And Cameron Hamilton Want Their Own Spin-Off

Few reality TV couples have captured my heart like Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton from the hit Love Is Blind. They both knew from the jump that their relationship was special and so did the viewers. We didn’t even have to see them contemplating if they had connections with anyone else, that’s how strong their bond was. They were the first (that we saw) of the couples to get engaged and they really did seem to have the strongest bond there.

It was hard to not feel invested in their love story, even if it was a tad predictable. The only real hurdles they faced were Lauren introducing her father to Cameron, which she had never done in her previous relationships. As if that wasn’t enough, Lauren had never dated a white man either so she wasn’t exactly sure how her father would react. But he was stern and kind, with some sweet words to assure Cameron that he was being welcomed into the family with open arms. We all know that things only went up from there, despite Lauren holding out on telling Cameron if she would say “I do” or not. She obviously did and here we are.

Given how adorable their story was/is, it’s no surprise that fans might want more. And they just might get it! Lauren and Cameron spilled to Entertainment Tonight about what’s possibly next for them. Lauren dished, “We’re hoping so. Spinoff gods, if you’re listening, let’s make it happen. We would love to continue sharing our story with everybody. I feel like all the juicy stuff is just now happening. Like, this is the good stuff!”

Cameron adds, “We just love working together and spending time together and going on these little adventures. So, we hope so. Let’s see what happens.”


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The couple, who has been married since November of 2018 is also looking ahead in other ways, specifically when it comes to family. About the possibility of having kids, Lauren says, “Maybe by this time next year. Little Valentine’s babies.”

Until then, Lauren talked Cameron into getting a puppy they named Sparks. “I never would have expected that I’d be this happy. It’s been a wonderful adventure. Every day is something new.”


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Cameron is clearly smitten. He remarked, “I mean, my paternal instinct is kicking in pretty hardcore. We are really excited.” I’m here for it!


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[Photo Credit: Paras Griffin/Getty Images]