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Shahs Of Sunset Viewers Outraged When Reza Farahan Said Mercedes Javid’s “Uterus Exploded Because She Had 10 Abortions”

This season of Shahs of Sunset is just so messy. And really, it’s just so sad. It’s tough watching Reza Farahan and Mercedes Javid lose thirty years of friendship. The whole storyline is just so convoluted as well.

MJ allegedly had a hand in those rumors that Reza’s husband Adam Neely hosted naked Jenga games. During this same time period, MJ nearly died from some serious complications while she gave birth to her son. She is upset that Reza didn’t show up at the hospital. He posted some screenshots saying she told him not to go. This whole thing is so confusing. What’s true? What is just for a storyline? Well, regardless of all the confusing details, there’s one thing many fans are sure of: Reza went way too far during the last Shahs of Sunset episode. Reza told MJ, “Your uterus exploded because you had ten abortions.” Wow. What the f—.

MJ slammed the accusation as “A LIE! One of MANY he tells!” She also tweeted, “Unforgivable lies”

If that statement is true, Reza majorly violated MJ’s privacy. If it’s not true, that’s a terrible thing to make up. Regardless, it really is just an awful thing to say, all around. And Shahs of Sunset fans couldn’t help sharing their reactions. One fan tweeted, “I just can’t believe anyone is out there defending him right now. And accusing her of plotting from her hospital bed because she was bored – she was giving birth and then recovering from almost dying. Jesus.”


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Another viewer tweeted, “Lmao. Thank You. You and your crazy no job husband with his restraining order to stay away from Reza and Adam should be ashamed of yourselves. Reza tried u came at him again about his marriage. Throwing a drink. Both of u should be fired.”

One fan posted, “Did Reza just say to MJ ‘you had 10 abortions. Your uterus exploded cuz you had 10 abortions‘!? He needs to be fired from this show. OMG! I’ve never heard anything so disgusting in my entire life. I’m so hurt for MJ. What a disgusting and vile human.”


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A tweeter admitted, “Oh my GAWD. Reza told MJ that her uterus exploded because she had 10 abortions… the way my jaw literally DROPPED.” Same here. 

Another person wrote, “Now i see why Asa left. First Reza spilled her tea about her fertility journey. Now he just spilled MJ’s tea about her abortions. Reza can’t be trusted.”


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“Messy” is an understatement here. And we are only at the beginning of the season. There’s no way this feud is gonna calm down after that remark. Oh, and they are still enemies in real time, even though the season stopped filming months ago. Oh, and let’s not forget about MJ’s husband Tommy Feight vandalizing Reza and Adam’s backyard.


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