Shahs Of Sunset Star Mercedes Javid’s Husband Tommy Feight Sentenced To Ten Days In Jail For Vandalism Of Reza Farahan’s Property

Mercedes Javid’s Husband Tommy Feight Sentenced To Ten Days In Jail For Vandalism Of Reza Farahan’s Property

Shahs of Sunset has never been about the easy friendships of the cast. The show has basically been 7 seasons of a core group despising each other and then reconciling in 13 episodes of drunken antics and tears. In other words, perfect programming for Bravo. Part of the glue that ties these friends together is Reza Farahan and best friend, Mercedes “MJ” Javid. I suppose I should say “former best friend“. Over the years we have watched MJ and Reza squabble in various battles. Sometimes volatile, often motivated by alcohol, but always coming back together in the end.

Part of friendship is sharing big life events with each other, right? MJ and her husband, Tommy Feight, had a hell of a time conceiving a child. After successfully getting pregnant via IVF, MJ’s journey to motherhood was fraught with medical issues. MJ was placed on bedrest, she was at high risk for miscarriage, and she almost lost her life after finally giving birth. Somewhere along the way, Reza and MJ’s friendship began to break down. When Reza allegedly decided to share some sensitive medical information about MJ, Tommy’s loyal husband instincts took over. After Tommy sent “a message” to Reza in the form of killing his geraniums, Reza took action. Now we learn the price Tommy has to pay for rearranging Reza’s lanai.

Tommy seems like a pretty good guy. He loves his wife, appears to be accepting of hateful mothers-in-law, and definitely showed a softer, nurturing side when MJ’s father was ill. So the question is, if your BFF allegedly shared super delicate health information about you, what would your significant other do about it?

Reza now knows the answer to this question after rumors surfaced he took a left turn down Disrespect Avenue and released details regarding MJ’s reproductive abilities. Listen, if you want to call someone crazier than Baby Jane on a good day, that’s your thing.

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But if your best petty move consists of sharing private medical info, you might just be a dick. This is where Tommy took over. On May 19, Tommy allegedly called Reza and “threatened his life”. On the same day, Tommy felt like doing his best Babe Ruth impression on Reza’s fancy outdoor furniture. Blurry video captured the event, which certainly did not help Tommy’s case.

Tommy recently went to court to answer these claims and will now take a brief vacation, courtesy of the LA County Jail. According to documents obtained by The Blast, Tommy is headed to the slammer. But don’t despair, it’s only for ten days. Tommy agreed to a deal and plead no contest to the charges of vandalism and trespassing. After serving 8 hours due to overcrowding ten days in the joint, Tommy will be on probation for three years.

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Reza has previously said the fight was based around MJ wanting Tommy to be a full-time cast member on Shahs of Sunset. If this is true, what in the hell does Reza care? Tommy is actually married to one of the main stars of the show. Is Reza concerned Tommy will steal his spotlight?

Is Reza intimidated because Tommy might have a better collection of loafers? Reza said, “he became so upset that he blocked MJ on all social media, and when she began going on a ‘campaign’ against him, he posted their text conversations on social media to establish a timeline”. That’s cool and all, until you also post MEDICAL INFORMATION. Reza called Tommy a “low-class thug life.” I guess now he can also call Tommy a jailbird.

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It seems this might be the final nail in the coffin for the friendship of Reza and MJ. Of course, this is a world where anything can happen and often does. Maybe Tommy will get a cool prison nickname and a one-color tattoo out of this path to incarceration.

Tommy is scheduled to turn himself in over the next few days. Knowing MJ’s husband, he will turn a negative into a positive and make some lifelong new friends. As for Reza, he’s still shopping for planters at Home Depot.

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