Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’ Teddi Mellencamp Is Offering Free Workouts During Coronavirus

It’s all about accountability. Teddi Mellencamp is the accountability queen on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Well, unless you’re talking about lying to cover your butt for almost a whole season about your role in puppygate. But when it comes to working out and eating right, Teddi is ready to hold you to your goals.

We are all starting to struggle with the change in our daily lives thanks to coronavirus. I’m not gonna lie, this is H-A-R-D. Watching reruns of housewives is how a lot of us are spending our time but how do we stay sane? What happens when the episodes run out? Some people turn to mediation, talking to friends, doing watercolors or puzzles. Some of us turn to working out (ahem, NOT me) but what to do when the gym, along with everything else, is closed?

Teddi has your back. On a recent Instagram post to her account, Teddi announced that she is offering free online workouts since no one can get to a gym. The post is a video of Teddi looking really glammed up in full hair and makeup while she stares out of a giant window. She’s probably wondering what Lucy Lucy Applejuice is up to right about now.

Teddi proceeds to run in place or something like that; I don’t know, I already mentioned I don’t work out so bear with me. She then introduces us to a trainer friend and her husband, standing off in the background looking bored while she offers to show everyone a 30-minute workout without any equipment.


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In the caption, Teddi explains, “I know we are all experiencing something beyond our control. I also know that movement and exercise is an excellent way to maintain a sense of peace, balance and combat anxiety. While we are all spending more time at home, I am offering unlimited free streaming of my 30-minute workout videos.” She links her website and provides a code to use and concludes, “I wish health and happiness for you and yours. We will pull through this.”

On a quick glance at her comments section, her fans are signing up and loving it. One user commented, “I was sweating within 4 mins lol” with another joking, “doing this daily while I eat cookies and cake lol.”


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With 184,588 views, Teddi seems to be generating a lot of interest from those cooped up and looking for a way to work off their worries. And why not? It’s free and for all those Teddi stans (wherever you guys are), it will give you your fix until she returns to our screens with the next season of RHOBH on April 15th.

You know what? I might actually consider doing Teddi’s workout….right after this cookie.


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[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]