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Shannon Beador Responds To Fans For Going Outside During Coronavirus Outbreak & Posting A Photo With Braunwyn Windham-Burke

Cancel culture is still going strong, even in the middle of this Coronavirus outbreak. Social media is just full of critics.

Shannon Beador and her man John Janssen went for a walk outside. They ran into Braunwyn Windham-Burke and her husband Sean Burke. Shannon posted a photo of the run-in and then the comments section started blowing up.

In response to Shannon’s Instagram post, someone commented, “That’s not social distancing.” Another person wrote, “Shannon you have a backyard to get fresh air. Please stay home. Over 15 people died just today alone.  We need everyone to start taking this more seriously.”

Someone commented, “This is why people think it’s funny.” Shannon clapped back with “There is nothing wrong with getting fresh air and staying away from people. In fact I have been encouraged by my doctors to stay active to keep my lungs as clear as possible.”


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One person wrote, “As Americans we all need to do our part…. Stay inside #flattenthecurve.”

It wasn’t all hate in the comments section though. There were plenty of IG users who had Shannon’s back. Someone wrote, “Some of these comments are nuts. Geez. She went for a walk and ran into some friends. Get a grip people.” Shannon replied with “Exactly.”


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A different person commented, “Take a deep breath people…. perhaps you should follow her lead and get out for a walk or fresh air. Cabin fever is clearly setting in with your nasty comments.” 

Another commenter pointed out, “Part of CA Shelter in Place order states its ok if you are well to get out, walk, take pets out.”


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