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90 Day Fiance: Ronald Smith & Tiffany Franco Working On Relationship After Breakup & Cheating Allegations

Tiffany Franco and Ronald Smith became fan favorites from their season on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way.  They were just too darn cute together, we let our hopes for their relationship overshadow all the potential obstacles.  Ronald was in recovery for a gambling addiction when Tiffany flew to South Africa for filming. She also had her son Daniel to think about.  And those housing complex high voltage wires were certainly a game-changer.

Tiffany decided not to stay in South Africa and returned to the US with Daniel.  She was also pregnant by Ronald and gave birth to their daughter Carley in July of 2019.  Since then, they’ve been long-distance and that proved unsustainable.  They split up in a very messy way in January when Ronald accused Tiffany of infidelity.  But some surprising social media posts earlier this month indicate that these two don’t want to give up on each other just yet.

In Touch Weekly reported on the Instagram Stories that gave all Tiffany and Ronald fans hope.  On March 11th, Ronald shared some loved-up date night pics from South Africa and captioned them, “awesome memories made.”  So what does this mean for the couple?  Apparently, it’s complicated.

The following week, Tiffany revealed on her Instagram Story that she and Ronald are neither “divorced” or “separated” but “working” through their issues.  She didn’t give more of an explanation except to say that they are “in a rut.”


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Tiffany revealed that both parties regret their public exchanges in January.  “So I’m going to address the situation with Ronald and I,” Tiffany wrote, “I’m sorry everything was so public when things got really bad.  We both regret doing that and feel quite embarrassed.”

Tiffany did not explain why they decided to try again, but clearly, there was some motivation to do so.  She said that it’s been a “very confusing time,” and brushed off any concerns from fans.  “Whether anyone thinks that’s right or wrong has nothing to do with the decisions we will make moving forward.  We are treading lightly,” Tiffany wrote.


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The couple is managing expectations and acknowledged that their relationship needs a lot of work.  Tiffany explained, “we might not know what the future holds, but we both hope to fight for our marriage and spend the rest of our lives together.  Things are not perfect and they are not anywhere near where we would want them to be.”

Tiffany also acknowledged her friends and family saying, “I appreciate all the advice.”


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The couple will be more discreet this time around regardless of the outcome.  “There is a lot, and I mean a lot, that you guys don’t know and we learned the hard way,”  Tiffany explained,  “it’s not always best to hash it out in public.”

Hopefully, these two can make it work, for the sake of Daniel and Carley.  And all of us fans who are now emotionally invested.


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