Ciara Duggan Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Star Ciara Duggan Dishes On Self Isolation In Italy During Coronavirus Outbreak

I’m not gonna lie, it gives me discomfort to watch Ciara Duggan and Paget Berry’s relationship on Below Deck Sailing Yacht. As a self-proclaimed reality TV expert, I know that it doesn’t usually make great television to show a couple getting along. I’m sure there’s some cute footage of these two sitting on the editing room floor. We will just never see that on TV.

Nevertheless, the footage that we have seen on Below Deck Sailing Yacht has been so awkward. These two don’t seem to have the best working relationship. On top of that, Ciara claims that she is unbothered by Paget’s flirtation with Georgia Grobler. Meanwhile, she could not look any more bothered if she tried. It seems like this relationship is pretty rocky. But, will they stick it out and continue their shared life of living and working together? Or will the collaboration end at the conclusion of this charter season? It’s tough to say, but, apparently, these two are quarantined together in Italy, waiting for the end of the coronavirus outbreak.

Two days ago, Ciara posted, “Day 18: We’re still in Italy, self-isolating as best as we can. No more supermarket runs now that we found a provisioning company to deliver once a week to us.” For everyone complaining about the conditions in the United States, at least we are allowed to shop at grocery stores.

Ciara continued, “Military presence is strong, no more leaving the zone you’re in or going outside unless it’s for an emergency really. But honestly it feels like time is flying because we’re still working and able to socialise within our crew. Thankfully we work with some awesome people and we have plenty of gin so that helps.”


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Since Ciara cannot sail during this time, she has decided to use this time to learn something new.

She told her followers, “Also just a heads up, if you’re looking to spend this time somewhat productively, there are so many great online courses available. I’m currently studying cigars on @udemyas recommended by @theyachtstew.”

Ciara tagged Paget in her post. So, it’s safe to assume that they are in the same yacht crew that is currently quarantined together. But, of course, their relationship is a major storyline this season, so they’re probably being careful not to post spoilers. Even so, they could be working together even if they aren’t romantically connected. Most likely, we will see a written blurb about their current relationship status on the finale.


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Paget hasn’t opened up about the details of their self-isolation on social media, yet. Still, he did admit that he’s ready for “party time” once the coronavirus pandemic is over.


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