Report: 90 Day Fiance Star Azan Tefou Is Married To His Cousin & Has 3 Kids; The Money Nicole Nafziger Paid For A “Store” Reportedly A Payment Toward His Divorce

Can someone explain Nicole Nafziger and Azan Tefou’s relationship? It even feels like a major stretch calling what they have a “relationship.” He never seems remotely excited to see her. He cancels all of their plans, even plans she’s already booked and paid for.

Nicole gave him money toward running a mysterious store in Morocco, his home country. Why are these two together? Other than the mild reality TV fame from being on a million 90 Day Fiance shows, it just makes zero sense. Well, there are some salacious rumors circulating about their relationship.

Soapdirt spilled some MAJOR tea on thes two. For the record, none of it has been confirmed by Azan or Nicole. However, their source seems to be involved with the show’s production. So, I’m hoping we will get to see all of this play out on TV in the near future.

So, what’s going on? Let’s get into it. Nicole flew to Morocco during the coronavirus outbreak to be with Azan because the airline tickets were so cheap. However, she’s not even staying with her man. Apparently, she’s saying in an Airbnb because Azan has a whole other family.


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Reportedly, Azan married his cousin and they have three kids together. Wow. Just wow. And to add to the intrigue, it’s also reported that Nicole knew about this marriage for a while. She learned about this when she got paperwork together to marry him. Apparently, a man can have four wives in Morocco. However, the first wife needs to give written permission for any subsequent marriages. Does this mean that Azan’s cousin/wife will be on a 90 Day Fiance show? I sure hope so.

After Nicole gave Aazan $6,000 for a nonexistent store in Morocco, she claimed this was just a storyline that they concocted for the sake of the show. But, apparently, part of this is actually true. Supposedly, Nicole knowingly gave Azan that money so he could pay off his wife to get a divorce. I can’t help feeling like Azan is playing Nicole, which is what we’ve all been thinking this entire time. Why would Nicole ever go along with this?


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When Azan ditched the trip to Grenada, where he was supposed to spend time with Nicole, it just seemed like typical Azan behavior. He has seemed nothing but disinterested in her this entire time. Absolutely no one was surprise that he bailed on the trip for an “emergency.” However, the word on the street is that “emergency” was acually the birth of his youngest child.

This sounds way more interesting than anything we’ve seen from Azan and Nicole on TV. We need this messiness on the show. If we are subjected to another season of their “relationship,” viewers need to see Azan’s drama with his cousin/wife. Or at least I do.


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